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*Details/Schedules on Ms Bremer's music page School-Wide Notes…
  • MUSICAL for ALL Gr. 3-5 - Fri, April 29    Parent Note
    • Playlist to listen      Lyrics        Script with Cast List          Parent Note
    • *All students in Gr. 3-5 will be included - note the class groupings
      • Green Group: 3-Clemens, 4-Acton, 5-Zvara    Performance times: 1pm and 5:30pm
      • Purple Group: 3-Haas, 4-Langfield, 5-Prichard    Performance times: 2pm and 6:45pm
      • Time to meet:  20 minutes before the evening performance in their homerooms, already in appropriate costume
  • Spring Concert NEW TIMES & GROUPS! May 13, 2022 - Includes: Children's Choir, PraisePower, JiVE, JuBellate & ALL 3rd & 4th graders 
  Classes singing in Worship… (keep watch for changes)   Choir/JuBellate Notes… (Extracurricular Handbook)
    1. PraisePower - Sing for worship, Sun. April 10, meet 9:10am
    2. JiVE - Sing for worship, Wed. April 6, meet 4:10pm
    3. JuBellate - Plays Wed, March 30, meet 4:10pm
  • Eligibility checked every 2 weeks:      This applies to Gr. 5-8 students in extracurricular Music Groups (Jazz Band, JiVE, Chapel Singers & JuBellate). The Extracurricular Handbook specifies the requirements. 
General Music Class...
  • Gr. 2-5 - Ms Valerie Bremer, teacher
  • Gr. 6-8 - Ms. Valerie Bremer & Mr. Jamie Fischer, teachers


Grades 5-8 will be doing Speedball until Christmas Break! 




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