Third Grade — Mrs. Haas

Week of April 18th

Another week in the books and we are creeping quickly to the end of the school year.  It's hard to believe with all the uncertainty that this year began with that we are so near the end.  Nonetheless we have some weeks left of wonderful learning!

  • MAP Test:  This week on Monday, we will have our final MAP test for this year.  Having a good night's sleep and good breakfast will be helpful.  This happens soon after the start of school.
  • Math: This coming week we will talk about using compatible numbers and estimating.  Please keep working on those multiplication facts.  Those that are fluent are having an easier time building on the concepts.
  • Reading: Charlotte's Web has ended.  One comments that the students shared was that this book actually had a good ending.  This week we will begin our last Unit of Study which is research clubs.  This unit coincides well with writing a research report and Science where the items researched will be animals.
  • Social Studies:  We have begun our study on government and got through looking at the national government.  We will explore further in the week to come.
  • Spelling: Our words this week have the long vowel sounds spelled with a -u- or -oo-.
  • Religion:  We get to see the story of Pentecost and A Beggar is Healed.
  • Writing: As mentioned previously, students will be working on writing a research paper on an animal.
  • Memory Work: Tuesday will have the students share a long verse from our Christian Character Formation Project that is put into two parts.  The whole verse is Matthew 29:18-20.
  • Christian Character Formation Project:  This week we will focus on self-sacrifice through the story of Jesus' Crucifixion and Burial.
  • Weekly Quote:  "No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn."  - Hal Borland

Always in His care,

Mrs. Haas

 Upcoming Dates

Monday, April 19th - MAP Test for Reading

Tuesday, April 20th - Memory Work and Spelling Pretest

Wednesday, April 21th - Chapel and Math Test

Thursday, April 22nd - Memory Work

Friday, April 23rd - Spelling Final Test and Casual Friday