Third Grade — Mrs. Haas

Week of September 20

A routine has begun!

  • We made it through out first full day week with so many to hopefully come.  It is important that students continue to stay diligent with wearing masks.  There has been a spike in confirmed cases in Washington and Ozaukee Counties among school age children.  I want to stay in school as long as possible.  So let's keep encouraging our children to wear them.
  • Again, right away Monday morning we will have our MAP testing for Math.  Hopefully each child will have a great start to the day in order to be well prepared to do their best.  We had a few glitches with the system this week and hopefully those will be corrected on Monday.
  • Please keep track of Fast Direct grades.  This is important as we progress through the trimester.  You will want to stay familiar with any missing work that your child may have.
  • Late Work and Detention:  I have given students these first four weeks to get into the swing of things.  Anything assigned on a certain day is due the next day at the beginning of the day unless otherwise noted.  Starting next week, papers turned in after 8:30 am on the day they are due will be considered late.  St. Paul's handbook indicates a 10% reduction in score.  Also if students have outstanding work on Tuesday at 3:00 pm from the past day or previous week, a detention must be served on Thursday after school.  You will be notified on Tuesday if your child needs to serve a detention.
  • Math:     The tests are in and coming home in the weekly envelopes.  I allowed students class time the next day to make changes.  The orange score is the original percentage.  After correcting and getting ½ credit, the Fast Direct Score is in green.  This week we will focus on adding and subtracting three digit numbers as well as continuing to practice expanded form and writing numbers as words.
  • Reading:     We get to read "Stone Fox" this week and next.  In years past, this has been a favorite book for the students.  We will look at different aspects of the book and practice new concepts.  This is a great book and a quick read for any of you that may want to read it as well.  Each student will be lent a copy from my classroom library.
  • Social Studies:     This week we will venture back in time to when the first communities began in the United States.  The students will also be making a timeline of their own.
  • Spelling:  Each Monday I will send home a list of spelling words, but it will also be listed on this site on the spelling words tab.  This week's words have the students writing plurals where we change the y to i and add es.
  • Writing:   Letter writing is this week.  We will be learning how to write a letter which will be sent to friends at Providence Place.
  • Memory Work:  Isaiah 43:11 is on Tuesday.  Our Christian Character Formation Project family verse will be on Thursday - Matthew 22:37-38.
  • Christian Character Formation Project:     This week we will focus on justice through the story of the 10 Commandments.
  • Weekly Quote:  "Christ is not valued at all-unless He is valued above all."  - St. Augustine

Always in His care,

Mrs. Haas

 Upcoming Dates

Monday, September 21st-MAP Testing (Math)

Friday, September 25th - Casual Day


Veggies & Ice Cream Drive-In -   It's Veggies & Ice Cream . . . with a twist! Saturday, September 26th beginning at 6:30pm we will be hosting the Veggies & Ice Cream event your kids love as a drive-in. Pack your family in the car, bring blankets and chairs, and head to St. Paul's lower parking lot for a movie under the stars on the big screen! We'll be watching a classic Veggie Tales movie, having a fun sing-a-long, and of course ending the evening with a make it yourself ice cream sundae. Don't miss the FUN, time to connect with friends, and maybe a few surprises. If you are planning to attend please sign up at


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