Third Grade — Mrs. Radue

May 24, 2020

Dear Parents,

WOW!  The haiku poetry that has been turned in has been amazing.  Thank you.

Please check your email and accept the invitation for the reading assessment.  This will let me know that you received it.

Thursday is virtual track and field day.  Please record scores on the form that you received last week.  The drive-thru picnic is also on Thursday.

Friday is the closing chapel service.

Parents, you have amazing kids!! I am blessed to have been their teacher this year.  This was a great class to  end my teaching with.    I thank God for all of the support and concern that you have shown me this year.  Even though we probably won't all be able to be together at one time, please know that I miss all of you and continually pray for you.  I look forward to when books will be returned (don't know when or how, yet) when we can say a more proper good-bye and have closure to this unusual year.  I pray that you all have a good summer and a great start to 4th grade.  I will miss all of you very much!

God's blessings,

Mrs. Radue