Third Grade — Mrs. Haas

Week of November 30th

Advent is here!  In this holiday season, I pray that you take time to reflect on the coming of Jesus both as a baby and as king.

  • Report Cards:  All assignments must be turned in by Monday, 11/30 at 3 pm as my grades are due to the office.  Reports cards will be sent out later in the week.
  • Christmas Gift Exchange:   Our class will be doing a gift exchange near to end the Christmas season.  As you plan ahead, please think about purchasing a $5-$10 gift for a child in the classroom for the exchange.  If you have a daugther, please buy for a girl.  If you have a son, please buy for a boy.  More information will be coming regarding when to bring the gifts.  Thanks!
  • Math:   Our lessons this week will continue with new fraction concepts.  We will review Monday on lessons previously taught.  Then Tuesday we will review for a test.  Wednesday will be the test.  The rest of the week will be regular lessons.
  • Reading:  We will begin our mystery unit this week.  It will be fun learning and discussing different text features.
  • Social Studies:   We will begin a unit that will take us to Christmas where we will discuss Christmas traditions around the world.  Look for some fun information to be shared from your child..if they are the talking type.
  • Spelling:  This week's words focus on vowel sounds in words and consonant/vowel or vowel/consonant patterns.
  • Religion:    This week we will wrap up our discussion on Joseph and how he through God's strength is able to forgive his brothers.
  • Writing:  This week we will focus on Problem/Solution texts.  Next week we will begin writing them.
  • Memory Work:  Ninth Commandment and meaning is on Tuesday.  Our Christian Character Formation Project family verse will be on Thursday - Psalm 20:7-8.
  • Christian Character Formation Project:  This week we will focus on courage through the story of Deborah delivering Israel.
  • Weekly Quote:    Hope - the light that leads us to find the mystery of His love wrapped in mercy, bound in grace, and sent in peace.

Always in His care,

Mrs. Haas

 Upcoming Dates

Tuesday, December 1st - Spelling Pretest and Memory Work

Wednesday, December 2nd - Chapel Day and Math Test

Thursday, December 3rd - Memory Work

Friday, December 4th - Spelling Final Test, Casual Day, Celebrate Juliet's Birthday