Sixth Grade and Social Studies — Mr. Wellna

April 18th - 24th

We have our last go-around with MAP Testing in 6th grade this week.  Hopefully we can focus and work hard for one more session!  The times and dates are as follows:

  • Tuesday, April 20th - Reading MAP Test during English/Reading time
  • Thursday, April 22nd - Math MAP Test during Social Studies/Math time

Reminder: Casual Fridays all through April.

Also reminder: Please make sure you see and send back your brown envelopes.  I only have about half of them after 4 days.


Announcements for this week:

  • MAP Testing - Week of April 19th
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences (By appoinment) - April 29th
  • 8th Grade Confirmation - Sunday, May 2nd
  • Half-Day - Friday, May 28th
  • NO SCHOOL - Monday, May 31st


Class Update
Social Studies We are trucking along in our China unit.  Our map quizzes were very good, and this week we will just have a few assignments but no quizzes and tests.
Math No test scheduled.

We are continuing our focus on the last week of Jesus' life here on earth. We will be looking at His burial and resurrection as well His appearances following His resurrection.

Memory Quiz #27 - DUE April 23rd

Luke 24:48-49 ~ You are witnesses of these things. I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high."


Journal Entry #15 - DUE April 30th

We have now almost completed four months of 2021! As you chose your Word of the Year and Bible verse I had you think about things that you wanted to be different this year, or things that you wanted to accomplish. So how's it going? Are you keeping focused on your Word? Why or why not? Where has God been leading you because of you 2021 word? Are you continuing to talk to Him about your word? Why or why not?

Sermon Note #6 - DUE May 14th


This week in 6th grade, we are doing planet projects!  They will have three class periods to work on it.  It will be due Friday, April 23rd!


This week, we will do some Grammar work and begin our next writing unit. No major assignments will be due this week.


We will begin the second half of our unit this week. Students will choose the topic that they'd like to focus on for their project and begin research. The end goal for this unit is to put together a Ted Talk to advocate for their topic, but I don't anticipate getting there for another week or so. 


We will work on Unit 12B this week. Students will be responsible for completing Using Context (pg. 175), Choosing the Right Word (pg. 176), and Completing the Sentence (pg. 177). The test will be Friday April 23rd. The words for the unit are:

  1. Ambiguous 

  2. Compact

  3. Earmark 

  4. Implement

  5. Indisputable 

  6. Scant

  7. Stealthy 

  8. Strapping

  9. Thrive 

  10. Titanic


 5-8 P.E.  Speedball/Basketball (5th grade also did badminton) 

6 Health Resolving conflict skits and tips for making healthy decisions. 

Music (Fischer)

Fischer Music Started our Incredibox project tournament.