Second Grade — Mrs. Schlichting

2nd Grade Scoop for the Week of Oct. 19th

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Weekly Academic Planner  


 Theme: God judges and shows mercy to the unfaithful champion of his people

  • Samson (God has blessed us with many ablilities.  We use our abilities to serve God and others.)
  • Samson's Sin and Death (In love God shows us our sins and answers our prayers for forgiveness.  We thank God for his love and forgivness by using the abilities he has given us.)


 Moses and the Bronze Snake

  • Big Question: How can you respect God even when everyone around you is complaining
  • Respect - God's power for you to honor him and others 


 Ephesians 2:8 & 1 Peter 3:15 (See Memory Page)


 Meeting Characters and Learning Lessons

  • Readers Share Their Opinions about Books
  • Readers Rehearse What They Will Say


 Second Graders Become Professors of Phonices 

  • A Celebration and Recap of All We've Learned

 Thursday's Spelling Test - List 4: R-Controlled Vowels Snap Words (See   Spelling Page)


 Proper Nouns


 Personal Narrative 

  • Writing Ideas
  • Prewriting Story Planner


 Lesson 40-1

  • Fact Assessmen 7
  • Addition Facts: Sums of 11
  • Making an Organized List to Solve a Problem
  • Solving a Problem by Acting It Out

 Lesson 40-2

  • Written Assessment 7
  • Addition Facts: Sums of 11
  • Measuring with One-Inch Color Tiles

 Lesson 41

  • Addition Facts: Sums of 11
  • Naming and Comparing Fractional Parts of a Whole
  • Writing a Fraction Using Fraction Notation

 Lesson 42

  • Addition Facts: Sums of 11
  • Trading Pennies for Dimes

   Social Studies

 Culture: We Live Togetherl

  • Using Grid Maps
  • Communities Large and Small


 Complete Google Classroom Setup 

   Arts & Craft

 Large Poseable Scarecrow

Dates to Remember:                              

  • W, 10/21:  Chapel-2nd Grade (Schlichting) & Picture Retakes, 10:00 am to 1:30 pm - If you did not get an email from VIP you can try going to their website ( to search for your child's photo.  If you need your picture retaken, please do not order photos on VIP's website until after retakes have been done. Even if you do not plan on ordering, every family should view their child's photos and pick a yearbook pose (deadline to pick a pose will be set after retake day is established.)
  • F, 10/30:  No School
  • W, 11/11:  Veteran's Day Chapel
  • Sa, 11/14:  St. Paul's Virtual Auction
  • F, 11/20:  End of 1st Trimester