Second Grade — Miss. Abigail Luerssen

Week of October 11th

Here is a look at what we will be learning this week!

  • Lesson 37: Identifying Pairs, Dividing a Set of Objects into Groups
  • Lesson 38: Identifying Tens and Ones
  • Lesson 39: Identifying Halves, Fourths, and Eighths, Creating and Reading a Bar Graph
  • Lesson 40 Sums of 11, Measuring with One-Inch Tiles
  • Properties of Matter Review
Social Studies
  • Unit 4, Lesson 1: Needs and Wants
  • God Answers Hannah's Prayer
  • Eli and His Wicked Sons

Christain Character Formation: Week 5, David Spares Saul's Live (Integrity)

  • Due Tuesday: I, I am the Lord, and besides me there is no savior. Isaiah 43:11
  • Due Friday: But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Luke 6:35 
  • Unit 2, Lesson 1: Nonfiction Readers Notice and Learn
  • Unit 2, Lesson 2: Nonfiction Readers Notice, Learn, and Question
  • Unit 2, Lesson 3: "What is this book teaching me?"
  • List Sensory Details
  • Generate Adjective-Noun Lists
  • Organize ABC-Chart Details
  • Trouble Maker Words
  • Homophones

No Spelling

  • Fall Scene Continued

 Classroom Updates and Announcements:

  • Auction DonationsDonations for the auction need to be turned in by Tuesday October 12, 2021. The theme for our basket is "Tailgating." Thank you for all donations that have already come in!
  • Auction-  The school auction will be Saturday October 16, 2021. Everyone attending is encouraged to register prior to the event for planning purposes. Use the link to register for tickets, table reservations, or pre-online bidding.   https://splgrafton.ejoinme. org/splauction