Second Grade — Mrs. Schlichting

2nd Grade Scoop for the Week of Nov. 30

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Weekly Academic Planner  


 Theme: By faith we trust God's help and establish true friendship

  • David and Goliath (God has given us faith and promises to help us in times of trouble.  We pray to God for a strong faith and for help in times of trouble.)
  • David and Jonathan (Christian friends are blessings from God.  We act as true Christian friends when we help one another and say only kind things about others.)


 Deborah Delivers Israel

  • Big Question: How can you show courage and be a source of courage to your classmates?
  • Virtue: Courage (God's power for you to overcome fear)


 1 John 4:19 & 1 Chronicles 16:11 (See Memory Page)


 Thinking Hard and Growing Knowledge

  • Book Shopping for Nonfiction
  • Nonfiction Text Features
  • Nonfiction Readers Notice and Learn


 Reading and Writing Words by Analogy Using Patterns and Rhymes

  • Spelling by Pattern

 No Spelling Test


 Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns


 Personal Narrative

  • Publishing and Sharing Our Stories


 Lesson 57

  • Addition Facts: Sums of 15, 16, 17, and 18; Review Facts
  • Making Polygons on a Geoboard
  • Identifying the Angles of a Polygon

 Lesson 58

  • Addition Facts: Sums of 15, 16, 17 and 18; Review Facts
  • Adding Three or More Single-Digit Numbers
  • Identifying the Associative Property of Addition

 Lesson 59

  • Addition Facts: Sums of 15, 16, 17, and 18; Review Facts
  • Naming a Fractional Part of a Set

 Lesson 60-1

  • Subtracting 0 Facts
  • Drawing a Picture and Looking for a Pattern to Solve a Problem

   Social Studies



 Pilgrim Unit

  • Native American and Colonial Games

 Work Like a Scientist

  • How Do We Use Inquiry Skills?

 No computer this week

Dates to Remember:                              

  • 11/23-27:  No School, Thanksgiving Break
  • W, 11/25:  Thanksgiving Eve Worship, 4:30 pm (Traditional) and 6:30 pm (Contemporary)
  • TH, 11/26:  9:30 am (Traditional)
  • M, 11/30:  Classes Resume (Reading Log Due)
  • T, 12/1:  BOOK IT Tracker Due
  • M, 12/7:  Reading Log Due
  • M, 12/14:  Reading Log Due
  • M, 12/21:  Reading Log Due
  • T, 12/22:  Class Christmas Celebration and Gift Exchange 
  • 12/23-1/1:  No School, Christmas Break
  • M, 1/4:  Classes Resume (Reading Log Due and BOOK IT Tracker Due)
  • M, 1/6-F, 1/22:  MAP Testing