Second Grade — Mrs. Schlichting

2nd Grade Scoop for the Week of Apr. 19

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Weekly Academic Planner  


 Theme: Jesus rose in fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy.

  • Two Disciples See Jesus
  • Jesus Appears to His Disciples


 Week 29: Jesus on the Road to Emmaus

  • Responsibility: God's power for you to be accountable to Him and others.
  • Big Question: How can you trust Jesus evern when you doubt His promises?


 1st Commandment w/ Meaning & 2nd Commandment w/ Meaning   (See Memory Work page.)


 Unit 4: Becoming Experts on Characters

  • Series Book Readers Notice Similiarities in Their Characters across a Series
  • Series Book Readers Grow to Understand the Characters


 Unit 3: Word Builders - Construction, demolition, and Vowel Power

  • Word Builders Wanted

 Spelling List 20:  Commotion around -tion  


 Using I and me


 Writing to Persuade Others

  • Writing a Book Review


 Lesson 106

  • Fact Practice (Subtracting 9 and 8)
  • Identifying Acitivities That Take One Hour, One Minute, and One Second
  • Telling Time to the Minute

 Lesson 107

  • Fact Practice (Subtracting 9 and 8)
  • Counting and Showing Money Amounts Using Quarters, Dimes, Nickels, and Pennies

 Lesson 108

  • Fact Practice (Subtracting 9 and 8)
  • Identifying Parallel Lines and Line Segments

 Lesson 109

  • Fact Practice (Subtracting 9 and 8)
  • Adding Three Digit Numbers and Money Amounts
  • Estimating Sums

   Social Studies


 The Solar System:

  • Unit Review and Test

   Computer /Art Number Row

 Art: Cherry Blossoms (Part 2)

Dates to Remember:                                                            

  • M, 4/19:  Weekly "My Reading Log" Due & Map Testing (Reading)
  • M, 4/26:  Weekly "My Reading Log" Due & Map Testing (Math)
  • TH, 4/29:  Parent-Teacher Conferences