First Grade — Mrs. Boyce


Look What We Are Learning!   

  • In Religion we will be discovering Through the gift of faith, believers are able to trust God completely.  We will be reading Abraham Trusts God  and Abraham and Lot  from Genesis 12-14.  Please see side bar for this year's memory work assignments. 
  • Our virtue of the week is Responsibility: God's power for you to be accountable to God and others.  Big Question:  How does God draw you closer to Him and bless others through the responsibilities He has given you?
  • In Math we will be sorting by one attribute, counting pennies, identifying a number between two numbers, dividing a solid in half, picturing and combining sets, and graphing a picture on a pictograph.
  • In Science we will be observing day and night, gravity, and the moon.
  • In Social Studies we will be exploring our neighbors.
  • Reading Road Race Rally  update: Reading Road Race Rally:   North Carolina
  • Please keep your child's "glove compartment" in a safe and convenient place at home   to keep all of the souvenirs during the year.   Their state symbols cards may be put onto the ring that was in their glove compartments. (Some of this year's souvenirs may be used to decorate the glove compartments too).  Active involvement at home will be key in making this program a huge success for your child!  PLEASE encourage  your child to meet his/her weekly goal of reading 20 minutes/day at least 4 days each week including reading 2 books on RAZ Kids and passing the quizzes. Thank you!
  • The Please Remember sidebar has information from our handbook and other helpful general information for first grade should you need it.

Dates to Remember


  • 3 - NO SCHOOL
  • 6 - Labor Day - NO SCHOOL
  • 8-22 - MAP Testing
  • 9 - Panther Parent Meeting 6:30
  • 12 - Church/School Picnic 12:00
  • 24 - Panther Parent Harvest Festival
  • Our chapel offerings for August and September will be used for Care Packages for college students  
  • Thank you so much to our room parent volunteers! Room parent:  Rachael Hasenstein.  Classroom liason:  Danelle Riederer.  Please watch for emails from them to help with classroom/school needs. 
  • A good rule of thumb is to keep all of your child's school work for the entire trimester.  Sometimes, a paper gets home before it gets handed in to me, or occasionally I might accidentally hand an assignment back that didn't get into the gradebook.  After grades come out on trimester report cards feel free to recycle them!
  • Special Lunches with Kids: At times during the school year, parents may wish to have a "special lunch" with their   children. Most notably, this occurs on birthdays. Parents are   welcome to excuse their children from school and go off campus for lunch. If parents prefer to have lunch here on campus   during lunch periods, it is policy that traditional bag lunches   are used or hot lunch is ordered. Hot lunch can be ordered for  parents as well. Please do not bring food from local fast food  restaurants or other eating establishments on campus during  lunch periods.
  • Please remember to pack a healthy snack and water bottle (either with a sports cap or thermos type, etc.) for your child each day.  Our little tummies get very hungry by 10:00 and a healthy snack is a great way to rev up our energy up to lunch time.   Snack this year is an individual snack.  You only need to send snack for your child.  Please make sure the snack you send with your child is a healthy snack. 
  • Try St. Paul's online calendar to see all church & school activities! Not sure when a meeting or practice time is? You can access it from our website and even subscribe to it through your smartphone.   Directions to St. Paul's online calendar:   On both church and school homepages, click on the calendar button below the picture on the right.You may also go directly to   to see the calendar.   To see fewer events, use the drop down menu for just church or school activities or get even more specific groups like music ministry or athletics. You can also search a keyword using the box at center top.  Clicking on an event may give more details about time and location. From here you can also share it with others via email, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Students will bring home sight word booklets.  It is expected that students complete at least one lesson every week. Thank you!
  • Your child will be brining home a reading log on Friday.  Reading logs are due every FRIDAY.  Please make sure to sign by each day your child has read.  Please remember, the goal is to have your child read to you at least four days each week.  It's ok to help them, but please make sure the majority of the reading is done by your child.  ALSO, please make sure your child is reading and taking quizzes for at least 2 RAZ KIDS online books during those 4 days.  You do NOT have to list every title your child is reading to you (1 title is fine.  If it's Raz, just write RAZ)  Just make sure they have read for the 20 minute daily requirement!  Thanks!

Happy Birthday and God's Blessings!

Gio - September 17

Trinity - September 28

Student of the Week for the Week of:

OCTOBER                             NOVEMBER                        DECEMBER                        JANUARY

 10/11   River                   11/1   Ricky                        12/6  Espen                        1/3 Graham

 10/18   Joshua                11/8   Trinity                      12/13   Easton                   1/10  Mattie

 10/25   Jacob                  11/15   Aubrey

                                             11/29   Ty                                                                                                                                         

FEBRUARY                           MARCH                               APRIL                                MAY

2/7  Sienna                       3/7  Charlotte                      4/4   Weston                    5/2   Amelia

2/14 Gio                          3/14  Harper                       4/25   Katie                         5/9   Brayden