Fifth Grade — Mr. Fischer


The second trimester is off and running!  Starting over can be a blessing but it is important to make it a positive one!  It might be a great idea to organize or reorganize binders, assignment notebooks, backpacks, and lockers.  The classes and announcements have all been updated below. 




Finished presentations and worked on lessons


Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, Mathhew


Curl Up and Push Up testing


Started our next unit on families

Study Skills 

5F is in Keyboarding 


We will cover these topics this week in 5th grade math: word problems that have fractions of a group, simplifying mixed numbers, reading and writing numbers in expanded notation, and multi-step word problems. Math Test- Monday Dec. 7


In Science, we will be studying mixtures and solutions. We will also do a lab investigating the Law of the Conservation of Mass.  We will again practice our skill of writing in science following this lab.  That should wrap up our 3rd unit, so I am hopeful that we will have a day to review and hopefully take a TEST on Unit 3 by the end of the week.  I will send out an email once we have a specific test date. As always, you can keep up with our day to day assignments at .

Social Studies 

We are beginning Unit 4, which is about the Revolutionary War.  We will be doing a 10-part 1st person journal to go along with Unit 4. Most days, I will give them a journal prompt about what we learned about that day, and they will have to write a 1st-person paragraph.


We will be diving into our class novel, Becoming Naomi Leon. This novel tells the story of a young girl who "has had a lot to contend with in her young life, her name for one. Then there are her clothes (sewn in polyester by Gram), her difficulty speaking up, and her status at school as "nobody special." But according to Gram, most problems can be overcome with positive thinking. And with Gram and her little brother, Owen, life at Avocado Acres Trailer Rancho in California is happy and peaceful...until their mother reappears after seven years of being gone, stirring up all sorts of questions and challenging Naomi to discover and proclaim who she really is."


We will continue our poetry unit, trying our hand at a few different types while also reading a few mentor texts as well.


We will begin week 2 of Unit 6 this week. Students will be responsible for completing Word Study (pg. 63) and Vocabulary for Comprehension (pg. 64-65). The test will be Friday December 11th. The words for the unit are:

  1. Accomplish

  2. Apparent 

  3. Capacity

  4. Civilian

  5. Conceal

  6. Duplicate

  7. Keen

  8. Provoke

  9. Spurt

  10. Undoing

  11. Vast

  12. Withdraw 




  • We will be doing a small Christmas gift exchange on Tuesday, December 22nd.  It is optional so if you do not want to participate that is fine you just won't get a gift.  Boys should get a gift for a boy and girls should get a gift for a girl.  Please keep it to a $5-$7 limit.  Finally, if you could turn the gifts in by Friday, December 18th so they have a few days to sit at school that would be awesome!