Fifth Grade — Mr. Fischer

5th Grade Weekly Update... September 20-24

5th Grade Families:

We survived our first full week of school!


  • Sept 20: Progress Reports / Extracurricular Eligibility Check
  • Sept. 24: Harvest Festival
  • October 7 & 8  Parent Teacher Conferences
  • October 8 -  1/2 Day of School - Dismissal 11:40am
  • Oct 16:  St. Paul Auction

3-5th Grade Musical: FYI: Ms. Bremer has moved the school musical to the spring.

        NEW SPRING MUSICAL DATE: Friday, April 29. 

St. Paul Auction is October 16.  
Please look for a separate email with lots of details about our class auction basket


Religion:    Bible Stories: The Flood and the Tower of Babel

  Memory Work for Friday, September 17th.  
The Second Commandment - You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God.   What does this mean?  We should fear and love God so that we do not curse, swear, use satanic arts, lie, or deceive by His name, but call upon it in every trouble, pray, praise, and give thanks.
Social Studies:   
States and Capitals Quiz 4 on Friday, September 24th
We will continue reading Crenshaw this week. We will also be working with some new strategies that focus around determining character traits.
We will continue the launch of our Writer's Workshop this week, as well as continue to work with our Grammar focus sentence this week.
We will begin week 1 of Unit 2 this week. Each unit will last two weeks long. This week, Match the Meaning (pg. 20), Synonyms and Antonyms (pg. 21), and Completing the Sentence (pg. 22) will be due on Thursday. The Unit 2 test will be on Friday October 1st. Unit words can be found on Google Classroom. 
Lessons 7-10: Next week, we should complete most if not all of our first unit in math. We will cover naming positions or order and spend some time reviewing  subtraction (with up to three digit numbers) with and without regrouping, and also make organized lists as a strategy for listing all possibilities. We will also review fact families and use them to find missing addends. We will end the week working on writing & solving simple equations given a math problem in context (a.k.a. "word problem"). I expect to have a couple of checkpoints (short mini quizzes to assess student mastery of a topic) during the week.  We will take our first unit test early the following week. I will send an email when we get closer. As always, you can keep up with our day to day assignments and any changes to this schedule at  https://stpaul5thmath.  
This week, we will learn about the different ways that scientists learn about the natural world. We will learn when each type of investigation is a good option and practice making those decisions. The week will continue as we look at the necessary steps in an investigation that would allow our research to be accepted by other scientists. We will also practice applying those steps to real-world investigations that we read about (and later this year, that we will execute in our own investigations). We will end the week reading information from provided data displays and also making a decision on which data display may be the best option for our scientific research.   Depending on our pace, we may take our first unit test late in the week. I will send an email when we get closer.   As always, you can keep up with our day to day assignments and any changes to this schedule at  https://stpaul5thscience. . 
Phy Ed  - Capture the flag

Thank you for reading this.  God's Blessings!