Eighth Grade and Math — Mrs. Schumann

From the Desk of Mrs. Schumann Sept. 18-25

Dear Parents and 8th Graders,

I was supposed to send home homework envelopes this past Monday, but we just had a rough schedule this week.  We finally got to sorting papers and on Thursday, the homework envelopes were sent home.  Please empty the envelope's contents and return to school as soon as you can.  Please do not seal shut.

We have gotten word that there will be an online auction for St. Paul this year on November 14.  We will again donate something as a class for the auction.  Please stay tuned for more details on how you will be able to help.  Thank you!


Crossing Guard Schedule

  • Sept. 21:  Calli / Livia
  • Sept. 28:  Andrew / Hunter

Right Around the Corner

  • Sept. 25 - Progress Reports
  • Oct. 1 - Fall Sports Pictures
  • Oct. 8/9 Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Oct. 12- Cookie Dough Fundraiser Starts
  • Nov. 14-  Auction


Social Studies

Last week, the 8th graders worked on our Unit 1 debates.  They all have a partner and most have been working hard for many days to prepare.  The debate is whether or not the Europeans or the Native Americans should have the land in the new world.  A guest judge and I will be hearing their evidence this week.


This week in 8th grade, we are looking at mixtures, chemical and physical properties and changes and states of matter.   The test will be Wednesday, Sept. 23rd.

Language Arts

Literature: Through intentionally reading for author's purpose, Counting by 7's is reminding us that we all can cause positive change in our own lives as well as in the lives of others.


English/Writing: We began our next focus writing focus -- Elaboration -- developing our writing not only with sensory details as we have been, but also with ideas, facts and examples, and personal experiences.  This strategy will help us in all our content area classes!!


Vocabulary: Unit 1 Set A will be due Tuesday, 9/22.

 PE/ Music

5-8 P.E. Frisbee Golf had great weather.  We will continue with individual and group rounds.  

Fischer Music started presenting on their favorite artist, genre, and decade.  They have done a really nice job so far.




 This week we will be reviewing decimal numbers, adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.  We will also be evaluating and solving equations with steps and then end the week with powers and exponents.  If we stay on schedule there will be a Math Test on Monday, Sept. 28


Algebra: Math Test on Thursday, Sept. 24.   Our topics for the week will include square roots, theoretical probability, using the distributive property to simplify equations, and evaluating variable expressions

In His Service,

Mrs. Schumann