Jeremy Kell

Seventh Grade


Phone: 262-377-4650 x 121


In his 12 year as a teacher, Jeremy is a member of the Middle School staff, teaching Science for Grades Fifth to Eight. His mission is to give his students a good understanding of the Earth, Life and Physical Sciences. He encourages students to become involved at school and strives to make school a place where they like to be. Jeremy has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and Secondary Education from Concordia University, Mequon, WI.

In his spare time he enjoys hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities.

I want to provide the best Christ-centered education I can with all the different resources available to me.  I incorporate hands-on activities because I believe students better understand what they can touch and see. One of my goals is to help students develop a love for science and to see how important it is to their life and their faith.