Spelling words for the following week will be listed in your child's assignment notebook.  Words will be given on Friday so your child may begin the practice of the given words over the weekend.  The test will be given on the following Thursday.  Have your child prepare for the test by doing the following:

  • Tackle the word!  Study it. Note the word parts.  
  • Think.  Is there a power pattern or phonics rule that would help me spell it?  If not, can I invent a trick to help me read it and spell it?
  • Spell it aloud.  Cover it.  Write or type  it.  Check it.
  • For more practice . . . Chant it.  Write or type it over and over.  Take a word picture. 
  • Take a practice test and then practice the words missed repeating the steps above.  

A practice test should be given at least three times prior to the test.  This is where your help will be needed.  Practicing the words as listed above is something your child should be able to do independently.  Please remember that all childrenn are different.  Some children may require more practice than others.  Some children may be able to study the entire list each practice period while others may do better by studying three to five words at a time.   Get to know what works best for your child and be consistent in the routine developed.    

Tackling Long Words Part by Part

  • Work methodically from beginning to end.
  • Break between two consonants in the middle.
  • Keep digraphs together.
  • Break off endings.
  • Break before consonant le.

There will be NO more spelling tests for the remainder of the year.  We will continue to work on troublemaker words as a class.  Thanks for all your help and support!

Spelling City Practice