First Grade — Mrs. Pingel

Week of November 30th

What is 1st Grade Learning? 


We will read about Moses leaving Egypt and God calling Moses.  We will be reminded that God wants us to obey his commandments instead of doing things in our own sinful ways.   

Memory: Away in a Manger vs. 3

Be near me Lord Jesus, I ask thee to stay.  Close by me forever and love me I pray.  Bless all the dear children in thy tender care.  And take us to heaven to live with thee there.  

Virtue of the Week:  COURAGE: God's power for you to overcome fear.       Big Question:     How can you show courage and be a source of courage to your classmates?


Bill Bookman will continue to encourage the children to become word detectives as they read and decode new words and work to understand the meaning of the story.  The students will learn about read and write words with contractions.  

Phonics: Vowel team ee and ea, contractions

Reading Fluency Skill:  Using snap words to read and spell new words

Grammar: Prepositions tell when and where

Spelling: Unit 1.9 - ee and ea

be  he  me  she  we  feet  green  see  tree  week  *some  *family

Writer's Workshop

We will write in our journals and write how to decorate a Christmas tree.


Concepts that we will practice include estimating the capacity of containers, ordering containers by capacity, identifying 1-cup liquid measure,identifying the even numbers to 20, identifying and locating numbers on a hundred number chart, and counting dimes and pennies. 


Unit 4:  Lesson 4 and 5:  How Are Plants Different? and How Can we Compare Leaves?

Social Studies

Unit 3:  Lesson 5: People Keep America Free  

Please Note...


Fun Family Events for November-

  • 18 - The Great ADVENTure       The Advent season is almost upon us once again. We have another great way for your family to journey through this great ADVENTure together. Join Mrs. Butz and Mrs. Werner LIVE online Wednesday, November 18th from 6pm-7pm as they share this year's great ADVENTure with you!    This year's ADVENTure includes a make it yourself nativity kit for your family, activities for kids, daily morning prayers and bedtime questions, and a special online devotion and guest appearance by each of our cohorts. This is truly a journey you won't want to miss!    Sign-ups are required, register at 

Book-It Reading Program-      Please return Book-It reading calendars for November if you would like your Pizza Hut coupon.  These coupons will be sent digitally to your email.  Remember, the reading star sheets can count for the  Book-It program.  

Book orders-  December bookorders will be due on Friday, Dec. 4th in order to ensure delivery before Christmas.  

Fall/Winter Wear -        It is starting to get cooler.  Please begin to look for hats, gloves and warmer coats to send to school with your child.  

Class Auction Baskets -        Thank you for your auction donations.  

Reading Road Race Rally -   Upcoming souvenir dates (30-36 items please)- Harrod 12/4, Hallett 12/11.       Thank you!!!!  The reading log that was sent home on Friday will be used for our Reading Road Race Rally.  We will participate in this with Mrs. Boyce's class.  Please have your child read at least 20 minutes, 4 times a week.  A star should be colored in for each reading session.   


Spelling -                Our spelling lists have been updated.  If you use the spelling city link, it will say that the link is not valid.  Our free premium access has expired; however, if you click My Homepage, the lists and basic games are still available. 

Book-it Reading Program (optional) -                 The Book-It Reading program runs from October - March.  The goal for each month is 20 days of reading.  You can use the RRRR stars for the same minutes for Book-It.  For example, if you color in one reading star then color in one space on the monthly calendar.  The Book-It calendar can be turned in at the end of the month for a free Personal Pan Pizza coupon (this will be emailed to you).  

Classroom Volunteers-           Thank you to Mollie Harrod and Elizabeth Dobberpuhl for being our roomparents.  Thank you to Melissa Karrels for being our classroom event coordinator.  Thank you to LeNay Graham for helping with projects at home.

Classroom Donations -           Thank you to all families who have sent in a variety of classroom donations and reading souvenirs.  Everything will be well used throughout the year.  

Back to School Night -              Please join us on Tues. Sept. 1st at 6:30 for our Back to School Information Night.  This will take  place using the Google Meet link that you have been sent.  The session will also be recorded if you are unable to attend.

Chapel- Our chapel offerings for August and September will be used for Care Packages for college students

Snack -Please send a healthy snack with your child each day.  I will have extra snacks available in case it is forgotten on a busy morning.  Water bottles will be used throughout the day and can be refilled at the drinking fountain.     

Assignment Books- Assignment notebooks will be used later in September.   More will be explained at Back to School night. 


  Mark Your Calendars!


14 - Virtual Auction

20 - Colonial Tea Party and End of 1st Trimester

23-27 - No School -  Thanksgiving Break


1 - Report Cards sent home

22- Class Christmas Party