First Grade — Mrs. Pingel

Week of September 20th

What is 1st Grade Learning? 


We will read about Abraham, Sarah and Lot.  We will learn that Abraham showed his faith in God by trusting, obeying and thanking him.  God wants us to trust, obey and thank him too! 

Virtue of the Week:  Responsibility:  God's power for you to be accountable to God and others.  Big Question:   How does God draw you closer to Him and bless others through the responsibilities He has given you?

Memory: 1st Commandment:  You shall have no other gods.       


We will use the names of the students to practice capital letters, ABC order and identifying vowels, consonants, syllables, digraphs and blends.

Reading Fluency Skill:  Reading kindergarten words in a snap

Phonics: Short vowel a

Spelling: Unit 1.1 - Short a  and *high-frequency words

 am     cat     at     dad     back     mad     bat     ran     can     sack     *and     *come


Writer's Workshop

The children will create their own Who Am I? books this week.  


Concepts that we will practice include sorting by one attribute, counting pennies, identifying a number between two numbers, dividing a solid in half, picturing and combining sets, and graphing a picture on a pictograph.


Lesson 1: The Day and Night Sky, Gravity and the Moon

Social Studies

Lesson 4: Our Neighbors and Neighborhood

Please Note...


Spelling -  Spelling begins this week.  We will take a pretest on Wednesday and final test on Friday.  If you happened to print a list off of the website for the whole year, please note that the *high frequency words have been updated so the list should be reprinted.  

Reading Road Race Rally -      Upcoming souvenir dates:  9/20 - Arentz  9/27 - Bublitz  10/18 - Loppnow   The reading log that was sent home will be used for our Reading Road Race Rally.  We will participate in this with Mrs. Boyce's class.  Please have your child read at least 20 minutes, 4 times a week.  A star should be colored in for each reading session.  Please note that shoeboxes (Glove Compartments) can stay at home to be filled with the souvenirs that are brought home each week.    


Room Parents/Liason-     Thank you to Hilary Collins, Meagan Steinke and Jessica Loppnow for volunteering as our roomparents this year.  Look for information coming soon regarding this year's auction basket.  

Snack -    Please send a healthy snack with your child each day.  I will have extra snacks available in case it is forgotten on a busy morning.  Waterbottles can be used throughout the day and can be refilled at the drinking fountain.

Chapel -    Our chapel offerings for August/September will be used for Care Packages for college students.  


    Mark Your Calendars! 



6 Mon Labor Day - NO SCHOOL

12 Sun - St. Paul Outdoor Worship Service and Picnic

24 Fri Panther Parent Harvest Festival

29 Picture Retakes (10am-1:30pm)


7-8 Th-Fr K-8 Parent/Teacher Conferences

8 Fri 1/2 Day of School 11:40am Dismissal

NO 3&4PK PM Classes

16 Sat St. Paul Church and School Auction