Band — Mrs. Young

Band - Mrs. Young

Beginning Band

I think we are all successfully navigating our first three notes!  Hopefully you are hearing hot cross buns at home--or at least the start of it.  We'll be beginning to work on our book this week.  A reminder that students need 1) their instrument 2) their instrument covers and playing masks  for wind instruments and 3) their folders with their band book in it.  (Sound Innovations for band).  They should come prepared with those items each Tuesday and Thursday.  They can put all of these things in the undercroft before school.  This week we'll review counting and note names and work on a few new exercises in our method book.  Happy Practicing!


Concert Band

This week we made a great start on an America arrangement for Veterans Day.  We're also reviewing the hymn of the month, Holy, Holy, Holy.  I found that many of them were missing a key piece of musical knowledge in a warm-up exercise I gave them--they didn't know "The Merry Go Round is Broken" from Looney Tunes!!!  I was pleased that when I played them a video of the opening to Looney Tunes they realize they DID know the song!  Lol!  So that's been a fun warm up.  

Many of you have set up SmartMusic accounts this week.  If you haven't gotten to that yet, please do so soon.  I'll be sending reminders to those who are not yet on my SmartMusic roster.    

Our Leadership skills for music and beyond topic this week, was finding the positive in uncertain times.  We contrasted the great chicken little shouting "The sky is falling!" with what our perspective should be about ourselves and others.  What's our attitude on learning things that are hard?  How do we deal with mistakes?  Their assignment is to find some positive things to say to others, and to also think of some new things to thank God for this week.   


  General Band Safety Procedures:

  • As students enter in the morning, they will place their instrument in the shelf spot assigned to them.  Class cohorts have their own designated space.

  • As students enter the band room for class, hand sanitizer will be available.  

  • Each class cohort will have their own seating space in the room.   Students will get their instruments from the shelf and take it to their seat to assemble.  

  • Chairs will be spaced 6' or more apart.

  • Students have their own chair and stand.  Chairs and stands will not be shared. 

  • Beginning Band students will be rehearsing in the church balcony, so they are able to have their own separate space.  They will bring their instruments to the balcony to assemble.  

  • Students will be provided a mask for playing (with a slit in it for their instrument's mouthpiece).

  • Students will be provided and a fabric instrument cover for the bell of their instrument.  (Two layers, plus a MERV 13 filter between) (Percussion and piano players will use their normal masks).  Instrument covers have been shown to reduce aerosol dispersal from instruments to the same levels that masks do from regular breathing.

  • Brass players will be given disposable cloths to empty any moisture from their instruments.