Age 4 Pre-K: Five Day — Mrs. Brueggemann

September 20-24

Preschool Pals

Our preschool theme this week is "Preschool Pals." We will complete a picture book of all the children in our class.  Please use it with your child so they get to know the names of their classmates. Letter "F" will be introduced for "friends."  We will learn about "bucket filling" through the book "How Full is Your Bucket."  Each child will bring home a paper bucket with cotton balls.  Every time a kind word or action is done, a cotton ball is put into the bucket.  The same is true when negative words or behaviors happen, a cotton ball is taken out. Start with the bucket empty at the beginning of the day.  We will be emphasizing this A LOT at school. See how full it is at the end of the day. Keep filling those buckets! We also will read "Rainbow Fish" which is a great book that will talk about sharing and treating your friends with kindness.

Our first Bible lesson is "Abraham Shares His Land." God gives us many blessings. We trust God and share our blessings with others. Our second lesson will be "God Keeps All His Promises."  We thank and praise God for keeping all his promises.

Our first field trip has been scheduled. We will be going to Gierach's Orchard in Mequon.  The PM Class will be going Monday, October 11th and the AM Class will be going on Tuesday, October 12th. A sign up form will be coming home this week.

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be coming up the week of October 4th. This will be a time for us to meet for 15 minutes to discuss how your child is transitioning into their school routine. Please watch for more details and an online sign up. 

The St. Paul annual Sweetest Day Auction is coming up on Saturday, October 16th. The theme this year is "Enchantment Under the Sea"! A letter will be coming home Monday explaining our classroom baskets.  Room parents may be contacting you. The two themes for our baskets this year are "Crazy for Disney" and "Fun With Melissa and Doug." You may bring in anything you find or there will be ideas from Amazon, or you can make a monetary donation.  Thank you in advance for your help.

Have a blessed week!

AM Star-Cole

PM Star-Ashbea


Wednesday, September 29th - Picture Retake Day

Monday-Friday, October 4th-8th - PreK Conferences

Monday, October 11th-PM Class Field Trip

Tuesday, October 12th -AM Class Field Trip 

Saturday, October 16th - Auction