Age 3 Pre-K — Mrs. Werner

Weekly Note April 19-23, 2021 Creepy Crawly Creatures

Creepy -crawlies

We will begin a two-week unit on Creepy Crawly Creatures this week! We will practice the letter "A" for ants in our letter journals and learn about ants, bees, flies and mosquitos and how God created them with wonderful and different mouths to eat with. We will have fun trying to eat like they do with special activities during our snack time.  To help us remember some important facts, we will make a book to help recognize the different insects as well as the special mouths that God gave them.  Our Bible lesson will be The Good Samaritan Helps a Hurt Man from Luke 10:25-37. We will talk about how Jesus wants us to serve one another in love.

I will not be at school on Friday, April 23rd. I will be taking my son on a college visit. Mrs. Schumacher (our 2PreK teacher) along with Mrs. Hallett will be leading the classes.

As the end of the year approaches, there are some important dates for you to remember.  We have dates scheduled to go on an end of the year field trip at the Gall Horse Farm on May 24th and 25th.  Due to the cost of the bus and lower numbers in the classes, we would like to have the MWF classes all attend the field trip on Monday 8:15-10:45am. There will be no PM class May 24th. The Tues/Thurs class will go on the field trip on Tuesday May 25th. This will be an outdoor adventure where we will learn about how to take care of horses. The kids will all have the opportunity to ride a horse too! We are allowing 1 parent to attend with their child on the bus.

We will also have special closing services on our last day of school May 28th.  The closing services will last approximately 30 minutes. Mrs. Werner's MWF AM Class will have their service at 8:30am and the MWF PM Class and Tues/Thurs AM Classes will have their service at 9:30am. All parents are strongly encouraged to attend the last day of school.  It is a big day for the children as they celebrate their preschool experience and many accomplishments. Each family may have 4 guests attend the closing service.

Please continue to send your child with a light jacket to school. We will be going outside each day weather permitting!

Please put these important dates on your calendar:

May 24 & 25: Field Trip at the Horse Farm

          MWF AM & PM Classes May 24 8:15-10:45 NO PM Class

          TTH Class May 25 8:15-10:45

May 28: Closing Services MWF AM Class 8:30am; T/Th & MWF PM Classes 9:30

Star of the Week: Please remember to bring snacks and show & tell!

MWF AM:  Parker

MWF PM: Oaklee

TTH:  Lila