Age 3 Pre-K — Mrs. Werner

Weekly Note Jan. 25-29, 2021 Mittens


Thank you for meeting with me for our Parent Teacher conference! It was nice to take the time to talk with you about your child's progress and how we can work together to help them reach their developmental goals.

This week we will begin a fun filled unit under the theme "Mittens". We will read the story "The Mitten" and practice retelling the story with picture cues. We will also read "The Missing Mitten Mystery" and create our own snowman with a mitten for a heart. We will enjoy the story "The Mitten Tree" and talk about how we can share our kindness with others. We will also create our own pair of matching mittens. We will practice our "nose sound" along with the letter "M" in our letter journals.   Our Bible Lesson will be God Helps David Kill Goliath from 1 Samuel 16 & 17. We will talk about how we can trust God to help us in every circumstance!

Enrollment time is here! The Preschool enrollment is available through TADS on our website /school/enrollment-information

Feel free to share this information with your neighbors and friends. Please contact me if you have any questions.

We will be celebrating National Lutheran Schools Week this week. We will have some special dress-up days along with special classroom treats and activities. Please note the information below:

LSW 2021


 Our St. Paul Book Fair will be held through a virtual eFair this year. The "Book Fair" will run from January 20-31. I put "Follett Book Fair" flyers in your child's folder so that you can view some of the books. This is the link for the Book Fair:

February Calendars and Book Orders will be coming home this week in your child's folder. Please look the calendar over. There are some special activities planned that the kids should bring things in to participate in activities.

We will be having our Valentine's Day Parties on Thursday February 11th and Friday February 12th. A Room parent may be contacting you to donate an item for our party. Some "labels" were sent home that the children should use for their valentines. They can cut them apart and glue or tape them to the front of their valentines. I would like them to try to write their name on the back of their cards to sign them. This may take some kids awhile, so try to do a couple at a time. The kids will be delivering their valentines to their friends by using the numbers on the labels. They will be matching the numbers and letter in their name to the correct Valentine Mailbox. We will be making their Valentine Mailbox at school, so no need to work on that at home. Please bring your Valentine Cards in by Thursday or Friday February 4th or 5th.

Upcoming Important Dates:

Jan. 20 - 31: St. Paul Book eFair

Jan. 25 - 29: Bring your Mittens to school

Feb. 5: Book Order Due

Feb. 4 & 5: Bring an item for our Shadow Show

Feb. 4 & 5: Bring your Valentines to School

Feb. 11 & 12: Valentine's Day Party

Feb. 15: No School

Feb. 16-19: Bring your Teddy Bear to School

Star of the Week: Please remember to bring your banner, snack and show & tell!

MWF AM:  Natalie

MWF PM: Kennedy

TTH:  Josiah