Seventh Grade and English — Mrs. Yurk

Week of March 24th




29 - 31 -- A Girls Basketball team in National Tournament in Valparaiso


5  Family Day -- 11:00 Dismissal

8  Afternoon Parent-Teacher Conferences** -- 12:00 dismissal

11  Panther Parents @ 6:30

15 - 22  Easter Vacation

25 - 30 MAP testing


5  Confirmation

9  Panther Parents

17  Spring Band and Choir Concert 2:00/6:30

27 Memorial Day

31  Closing Service with dismissal afterward

31  Graduation Service and Reception

**The design of all Parent-Teacher Conferences is to partner together.  The optional conferences on Monday, April 8th, will be by appointment only, and teachers will reach out to you via email should a conference be especially beneficial for your child.  Please know that if you would like to request a conference with any of the middle school teachers, please do contact that teacher. We will work to set up a schedule that works for us all.

Thank you to our room parents and event liaison, Dana, Gretchen, and Heidi, for already thinking ahead to the 8th grade graduation reception.  The evening is such a gift to the 8th graders and their families.

Literature:  We finished The Crossover, noting the heartache of loss and the fulfillment of restoration.  Please do ask your child, too, to show you their poetry. Through reading it and writing it, we've discovered how to say the most we can in the fewest words possible, how to create an image that captures the heart, and how to use word choice, placement, and rhythm as a means for expression.  

We'll begin our next whole-class novel next week. After spring break, students will need one of their own personal choice novels. I'll share that with the students as we get closer.

English/Writing: We're reviewing the parts of speech, focusing on indirect objects and how they are used in writing, completing a thought.

Spelling/Vocabulary: Unit 9, Set A

  • Word Walls due Tuesday
  • Original Sentences due Thursday
  • Textbook work due Friday
  • Test on Friday

UNITS 7 - 9 DEFINITION TEST WILL BE either Thursday, 4/11, or Friday, 4/12

Spanish News from Ms. Greener:

The Spanish Menu project has begun :) It's always fun to step aside from the normal and do something more creative! Rubrics are on Google Classroom, and the projects are due on Wednesday, March 27th. There is no "additional" Google Classroom homework this week because of the menu!

Keep in mind this is 50 points and carries a lot of weight with it being the beginning of the trimester!

As always, please be in touch should you have any questions.  Also, as always, thank you for sharing your children with me.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Yurk