Seventh Grade and English — Mrs. Yurk

Week of January 20th




17 - 27 Scholastic Book Fair in the library -- COME CHECK THIS OUT!! :)

27 K - 8 sings in church:  L-Z @ 9:30; A-K @ 11:00

27 - 2/1 National Lutheran Schools Week

31 Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences 3:30 - 7 and ice-cream sundae sale (see below)


1  Noon dismissal; Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences 12:30 - 2

7  Trimester 2 Book Report Due

8 - 10 58th Annual St. Paul Classic Basketball Tournament

14  Panther Parents

15  Noon Dismissal

16 Panther Parent Trivia Night

18 Presidents' Day/No School

28  End of Trimester 2

Save the Date!! The 9th Annual St. Paul Trivia Night is Saturday, February 16. Start gathering your teams of up to (8) people. Registration forms will be available in January.

This second set of parent teacher conferences will be led primarily by our students.  Doing so allows them the opportunity to evaluate their own effort and performance as well as to set achievable goals.  As parents and teachers, then, we can more directly address and support their individual needs and perspectives.

Four eighth graders, who have been selected to participate in the L.E.A.D. organization, have created a service project. Our service project focuses on delicious ice-cream sundaes which supports the Ozaukee County K9 Unit. To participate in this event, purchase a ticket for a minimum donation of $1.00 before school on January 25, 28, and 29 by the trophy case in the South Wing. Once you have purchased a ticket, bring it to lunch on January 31 to receive your ice cream sundae! All donations directly support the Ozaukee County K9 Unit. (You can find more information about this organization on this link). Thank you for your support!

 Grace Viesselmann, Mya Hartjes, Gracie McNabb, Elisabeth Young


English/Writing: Our Cause and Effect final draft will be due Wednesday, January 23rd.


Vocabulary/Spelling:  Unit 5 Review

  • Pages 78 - 79
  • Please be sure to include the Parts of Speech for the Synonym section on p. 78
  • No spelling test this week


Literature:  We will continue reading our Historical Fiction novels, paying special attention to how the conflicts the characters face not only teach us how to read more deeply -- understanding character,setting, and author's purpose -- but they also give us insight into the actual historical event or circumstance serving as the context for the novel.

Please note that I will be checking the Reading Log Calendars and the depth of students' thinking regularly, giving a grade for completion as well as an explanation of their thinking through both POSTs and responses on Google Classroom.

Continue to read 20 - 25 minutes per night (usually Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays), posting where points in the text reveal how the conflicts -- historical, those in the storyline, and those inside the character -- shape characters.  Intentionally thinking about our characters and setting in this way will better help us understand life outside of the novel and perhaps even our own experience.


Spanish News from Ms. Greener

  • Chapter 4A is behind us and we can look towards 4B! Google Classroom this week, due the 23rd, delivers a balance between old and new. We'll look forward to learning even more verbs and how they conjugate.
  • Begin studying those new vocab words now in preparation for future quizzes later on!!


Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Yurk