Eighth Grade and Math — Mrs. Schumann

From the Desk of Mrs. Schumann April 9-16

Dear Parents and 8th Graders,

Typically a graduation video is shown of the 8th graders at the end of the graduation service.  Are any of you interested in putting this together for our 8th graders this year?  Obviously, we would have all the families submit photos of their 8th grader, you wouldn't have to worry about that.  But we are looking for someone to put the photos in a video format, and into something we could show at the graduation service.  Let me know this week, if this is something you would be willing to work on for the 8th graders.  Thank you in advance.

Progress reports will be sent home on Monday.  Also look for the homework envelope to be sent home on Monday too.  Please sign BOTH, and return to school by Thursday. 

8th Graders will be MAP testing on Tuesday and Wednesday from 10:00-11:30 each day.  Please be sure to send them to school with a good breakfast in their belly and a good night's sleep.  Have them bring a snack for break too. 

Community service hours are due in May.  Please look for things to do around the house, yard or a neighbor's yard to get some service hours banked.  Don't forget the church is always looking for someone to run the power point for the weekend church services. 

Living Word is hosting a Middle School Event on April 17.  Get all the information by clicking on the link below.    https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe20UazLO2cxzfpKKh3W8rZpJXT8ndb4WsrOG08WpMJQ6jcNw/viewform?gxids=7628

Crossing Guard Schedule

  • Apr. 12     Leah / Owen
  • Apr. 19     Toby / Bryan

Right Around the Corner

  • April 13 and 14  MAP testing for 8th grade
  • May 2 - Confirmation at St. Paul
  • May 26 - 8th Grade Chapel Service
  • May 31- No School- Memorial Day


Social Studies

We are looking at a Unit 8 Test on either Thursday or Friday this week.  There will be a review sheet home early in the week.


This week in 8th grade, we are learning about Waves.  There will be a test on Unit 1 Wednesday, April 14th

Language Arts


We're continuing Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool, identifying the ways characters' circumstances direct readers toward theme.   


We finished the outline for our Problem & Solution piece before break.  The outline provides not only a guide for drafting, but it also shows us how well we organized our details and whether or not more research is needed.  The Working Draft is due Tuesday, April 13th.  We'll then self- and peer edit the draft.  The Final Draft will be due early the following week.   Assignments will be on Google Classroom.


Unit 12 building understanding activities this week; definition test on Thursday, April 15th; Spelling test on Friday, April 16th; CUMULATIVE TEST over Units 1 - 12 will be the week of April 19th.

 PE/ Music




5-8 P.E.  

Fischer Music- Incredibox. 

Great start 8th grade.  I'm really looking forward to these next eight weeks together.  This coming week will be a bit disjointed.  We will continue in our second chapter of Excel on Monday.  Tuesday and Wednesday you will be MAP testing and Thursday and Friday we'll continue with Excel chapter two.  There will not be a quiz this week.  Remember that the MAP test is very important for final class selection for your freshman year.  Do your best!




 Pre-Algebra: We will cover these topics- graphing equations and using intercepts, probabililty of dependant events, selecting an appropriate rational number, suface area of cylinders and prisms.

Algebra: We will be covering these topics: identifying quadratic functions, solving problems using the Pythagorean Theorem, calculating midpoint and length of a segment, factoring polynomials by grouping, multiplying and dividing rational expressions

In His Service,

Mrs. Schumann