Master Music Schedule

Go to the    Church & School Online Calendar   and select Music Ministry from the Interest Group menu at the top right of the calendar.   It has the most up-to-date information!

The dates & times for   ALL music group rehearsal and performance times is available on the Church & School Calendar at! Schedules for a specific group are on the appropriate group page linked below.

Every effort has been made to make this schedule workable and accurate.

SPLS Classes sing for worship, special services, and plays. Extracurricular School Music Groups  (i.e.Children's Choir,  PraisePower,  JiVE,  JuBellate) sing for worship and are in 2 concerts each year.

St Paul CDS Class and Extracurricular School Music Group Schedules 



Church Music Ministry Pages (Specific schedules for adult groups are on the appropriate pages)

             Mixed, Male, & Ladies Choirs              

             Handbell Choir (Adult)            

              Contemporary Worship Team

             Wind & String Ensembles  Flute,   Woodwind,   Brass,   String

              Solos and Small Groups