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From the Desk of Mrs. Schumann Nov. 29- Dec. 3

Dear 8th Grade Parents and Students,

The first trimester is completed!  Congratulations!  As we move on to the second trimester let’s keep encouraging our eighth graders to use the gifts God has given to all of them and to do their very best in every subject. 

Secret Angels:  A Christmas tradition in the middle school is our Secret Angel gift exchange.  Students draw the name of one of their classmates and surprise this person with treasures and treats between December 1 and our last full day, December  21.  Please spend only $10 total.  Some students provide smaller gifts more frequently (often one per week) while other students leave hints and give one a little bit larger gift.  Either way, know that this is a lot of fun. The eighth graders have already picked names and hopefully they have shared this with you! 

Marcus Movie orders along with the money you collected are due back to school Friday, December 3.

The 5-8 grade Advent service is December 15.  Please keep this date open.  All of the eighth graders will have a speaking part for this service.  Practice for this service will start the week we come back from Thanksgiving Break.

When we return after Thanksgiving break, please be looking for information about one more opportunity to help others in need:  In response to the novel The Family Under the Bridge, the Lutheran Junior Honor Society is collecting clothing, winter coats, hats, and gloves as well as toiletry items for Bob’s Under the Bridge, an organization that directly ministers to the homeless.

Crossing Guard Schedule- Check your email for the new schedule.

  • Nov. 29: Dani / Robert
  • Dec 6:  Nicholas / Lilyana

Right Around the Corner 

  • Dec. 10: Choirs and Band Concert 2:00 and 6:30
  • Dec. 12: Jesus is the Reason Celebration
  • Dec. 15: Grades 5-8 Advent Service 6:30

In His Service,

Mrs. Schumann

Quick Links


Much of our writing the next few weeks will be in response to our reading, focusing on elaborating with sensory details and continuing working with the traits.  We’ll also be working with an informative writing piece.   We’ll continue with reviewing the use of compound sentences, using them to affect sentence fluency in our written work.



Algebra: Our topics this week are: finding rates of change and slope, solving percent problems, simplifying rational expressions.  We will start the week with Investigation 4. Pre Algebra: Our topics this week are: multiplying and dividing integers, finding the area of combined polygons. 



9 Square In The Air!  See Mr. Fischer's page for a picture. 


We’ll be continuing with The Giver.  Jonas, the main character, has been given the job of Receiver of Memory, a position highly honored in the community.  As we continue to read, Jonas begins to discover realities of life, its hardships and its deep joys.


Thursday, December 2nd: Worksheet on the Lord's Prayer (Petitions 1-3) due
Friday, December 3rd: Introduction to the Lord's Prayer and Meaning


8th Science This week in 8th grade, we are looking Other Forms of Energy and Energy Change and Conservation.  No major tests or assignments this week!

Social Studies

This week in 8th grade, we will have a pre-student teacher named Mr. O'Donnell teach about the topics of slavery and the growing split between North and South. 


Unit 5:  Set A due Tuesday, November 30; Set B due Thursday, December 2; Unit Review due Friday, December 3.  Activities will follow with the Definition Test on Thursday, December 9, and the Spelling Test on Friday, December 10.

Quarter Class