Seventh Grade — Mr. Kell

Week of April 18-24

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Important Dates

Wed.              04/21            MAP TESTING

Thur.              04/22            MAP TESTING

Thurs.            04/29            Parent/Teacher Conferences by Appointment

Fri.                  05/07            Progress Reports

Sat.                04/17           Living Word Middle School Event

Use the Link below if interested in attending! forms/d/e/ 1FAIpQLSe20UazLO2cxzfpKKh3W8rZ pJXT8ndb4WsrOG08WpMJQ6jcNw/ viewform?gxids=7628

Fri.                  05/28             Half Day - No Lunch

Mon.              05/31             No School - Memorial Day

Graduation:  Although June 4th is weeks away, that last day of school -- and our 8th grade graduation -- will be here quickly.  Traditionally, hosting the reception and creating the parting gifts has been the 7th grade class gift to the graduating 8th graders.  Due to circumstances, this year's reception will be a walk-through, similar to what was done for last year's class.  Although it was different from previous years, the evening was really special, and the gifts the class provided were truly appreciated by the graduates and their families.  This year, I know that we also will want to make graduation as special as we can for this year's class. 

Thank you to Tracey Tradewell who has volunteered to lead as the event coordinator and is looking for others form a core committee.  Within the next few weeks, be looking for information via email.   If we all work together, we can organize and be a part of a truly memorable evening for this year's graduates and their families.  Amazingly, next year, our kids and families will be on the receiving end.


Blessed Easter! The weeks after Easter Sunday make up the season of Easter in the church. We will hear about how Jesus appeared to His disciples and the instructions He gave to them before His ascension into heaven. I pray that you will continue to focus on what Jesus is saying to you in this season, and will continue to follow in His footsteps. We will continue our study of the Lord's Prayer. Our focus is on the 4th (Give us this day our daily bread), 5th (Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us), 6th (And lead us not into temptation) petitions

Memory Quiz #26 - DUE April 22th (YURK) or 23th (KELL) 

2nd Petition of the Lord's Prayer - Thy kingdom come. What does this mean? The kingdom of God certainly comes by itself without our prayer, but we pray in this petition that it may come to us also.


Journal Entry #13 - DUE April 22th (YURK) or 23th (KELL) 

God has commanded us to pray and promises to hear us when we pray. The word AMEN means YES! It shall be so. What does knowing this mean for us when we pray? When can praying be something difficult for you to do? What happens when we don't seem to get an answer to our prayers? What is God telling us? How can we find comfort in this?

Sermon Note #9 - DUE May 13th (YURK) or 14th (KELL)

Social Studies______________________________________________________

 We will be starting a new unit on Mexico and Central America.  There will be a map quiz this week, probably Wednesday or Thursday. - Ms. Amling

Math ____________________________________________________________

 No Test scheduled.


We're continuing with Counting by 7's


We continue working on our Problem & Solution piece.  The outline is due Monday, April 19th.  Then we'll work on the introduction, including a strong thesis statement, and continue drafting throughout most of the week.  Look for the Working Draft to be due early next week, the 26th or 27th.  Most assignments will be on Google Classroom.


Review activities for the CUMULATIVE TEST over Units 1 - 12 will prepare us for the test on Friday, April 23rd. 


This week in 7th grade, we are learning about Earth's Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources and there Management.   We will be having a test Wednesday, April 21st!

Professional Communication_________________________________________

We're presenting our "Don't Wait" speeches and will begin our next inquiry.  Assignments are found on Google Classroom.


5-8 P.E.  Speedball/Basketball

If you have any question or need to talk to me please call the school at (262) 377-4659 or email me at

God's Blessings!!!

Mr. Kell