Homework Policy

Grades K-4

In an effort to teach diligence and responsibility, St. Paul Lutheran School requires children to complete homework on time and to the best of their God-given ability. Parents are to play an active role in encouraging their child to maximize their blessings and turn in their work on time. Late work will result in a 10% grade reduction. (First grade will start grade reduction third trimester.) When students fall behind in their work, they will need to spend time after school. Those students that have outstanding work as of 3:15 pm on Tuesday from that week or previous weeks will be required to attend a 30 minute after school detention on Thursday. This policy will start at the beginning of the year for grades 1-4. Kindergarten will begin this policy third trimester.

School Time Vacations

Although family vacations are not encouraged during the school year, it is understood that at times this is a necessity. Parents should notify the student's teacher well ahead of time. Homework will be given when students return from vacation (see Make-Up Work section). However, if a family desires homework to be emailed home at the end of each day absent, this provision will be made. Parents need to request this prior to leaving. If homework is requested, it will be expected to be turned in when the student returns from vacation. Homework not turned in will be considered late. Students will be expected to have necessary textbooks with them, books will not be photocopied and sent via email. If homework is not requested students will have one day to make up missed work for each day they are absent.