Homework Load

  In addition to memory work and spelling, your child will be working on the following activities or projects throughout the school year:

  • Assigned work not completed during work times
  • P.F. (Please Finish) and/or P.C. (Please Correct) work.   Beginning October, P.F. papers will NOT be sent home for completion.  They will be graded as received.   Allowing P.F. work over an extended period of time only encourages/enables poor study habits and management of time which only becomes increasingly difficult to change.  Students will be reminded daily during work periods  to check work for completion before turning it in.  This needs to be encouraged at home as well before placing papers back in the G.O. Binder to be turned in.
  • 20 minutes of independent reading per night  
  • Optional Reading Programs (Pizza Hut BOOK IT, Six Flags' Read to Succeed, and/or Gill's Reading Challenge)
  • Special Projects (Star of the Week, Pioneer Toy Project, Recycling Project)

Do NOT throw away graded papers or projects brought home.  Please place papers or projects in a box or container until the end of the trimester.  Teachers occasonally fail to record a grade or mark it as received for reasons such as papers being stuck together. Also, students may fail to return work taken home to complete or correct.