G.O. Binder

What is a G.O. Binder?

The 2nd Grade "Get Organized" Binder is a one-stop for school to home communication.  It house everything your child will nees to stay informed about what is going on in school. 

Why is it important to  have a G.O. Binder?

This binder helps students establish effective organizational skills.  It will come home every day, so please look through it to see what is going on in school from day to day and throughout the year.

How to Use the G.O. Binder

In the back pocket, you will find a nightly reader that your child will read to you.  Please return the book to that pocket each day, and a different book will come home the next day (unless it is a chapter book).  To reach the full 20 minutes of reading 5 nights a week, it may be necessary to choose a book from home to read.

Put lunch money, book fair money, field trip money and permission slips, and other money that may need to come to school in the School &  Home Communication section.  Your will also find a pad of  sticky notes to write parent pick-up notes, bus changes, upcoming appointments, or other quick notes.

In the next sleeve, you will find the monthly lunch calendar and your child's behavior tracker.

In theImportant Documents section, your will find important notes form school.  Please read the papers and only return them if necessary.

In the Keep at Home section, you will finde graded papers and other papers that your child is bringing home to keep.  Please note that sometimes items will not always fit in the binder, so keep a lookout for these items in your child's backpack.

Note:  Do NOT throw away graded papers or projects brought home.  Please place papers or projects in a box or container until the end of the trimester.  We are all human and make errors.  Teachers occasionally fail to record a grade or mark it as received for various reasons, such as papers being stuck together.  Also, students may fail to return work taken home to complete or correct.