Assignment Notebook

In addition to bringing home the G.O Binder, your child will also bring home his/her assignment notebook.  Any work assigned that day but not completed should be listed.  Once completed, it should then be crossed off.  Please check any work brought home for understanding and completion.  Then initial the assignment notebook where indicated.   An abbreviation key can be found on the first page of the notebook.  

All assignments are due the next school day unless otherwise indicated at the top of an assignment.

Monday, May 24

  • Memory: 9th Commandment & Meaning (Part 1)
  • WR:  Published Book Review (if not done)
  • Shared Reading Celebration:  My Book Report (if not done)
  • 20 min. or more reading 
  • P.F./Late Work (Check Fast Direct)

Tuesday, May 25

  • Memory:  9th Commandment & Meaning (Part 2 for Thursday/Friday)
  • Reading: My Book Report presentation (if the child felt they needed more practice)
  • P.F./Late Work (Check Fast Direct, including
  • Reading:  20 min. or more 
  • Chapel offering
  • Bring a flashlight.

Wednesday, May 26

  • Memory:   8th Commandment & Meaning (Part 2 for Thursday/Friday)
  • P.F./Late Work (Check Fast Direct, including
  • U.S. Government vs. State Government Venn Diagram and Questions (if not done)
  • Reading:   & 20 min. or more  
  • Bring a beach towel.

Thursday, May 20

  • Memory:  9th Commandment & Meaning (Friday)
  • Prepositional Phrases HO (if not done)
  • Late Work or Make-Up Work (including Formatting Text)
  • 20 minutes reading or  more (Record books read on My Reading Log.)

Friday, May 21

  • Memory: 9th Commandment and Meaning - Part 1 (Monday/Tuesday)
  • Math: H 117B
  • Make-Up / LATE Work (Check Fast Direct.)
  • thru Formatting Text (if not done) 
  • Reading: 20 minutes or more (5 nights/week)


CH=Chapter                                                  P.C.=Please Correct

FA=Fact Assessment (Math)                  P.F.=Please Finish

FP=Fact Practice (Math)                          Pkt.=Packet

H=Homework (Math)                              pp.=pages

HO=Handout                                               PS=Problem Solving                                             

HW=Handwriting                                    SC=Science

L=Lesson                                                      SS=Social Studies

LW=Lesson Worksheet (Math)        U=Unit                                   

OR=Oral Reading                                    WR=Writing

p.=page                                                         WA=Written Assessment (Math)