Arrival & Dismissal

Student Drop-Off:

Parents/guardians of students in Grades 1-8 are asked not to enter the building to drop their children off. They are welcome to walk their children to the school entrance doors or drop them off at the curb in the lower or upper parking lot.  If walking your child to the door, we require adults to wear a face mask.  This procedure applies every day, including days where the weather is inclement.

Student Pick-Up:

Buses will use upper lot and will park after cross walk and after carport entrance. 

Parents/guardians of students in 5K-8th Grade are asked to pick up their children outside either in the carline in the lower parking lot or by parking in the upper lot and meeting your children as they leave school.  Social distancing and use of masks is required for all adults picking up when leaving vehicles to meet their child(ren).  Parents in the car line are asked to use the family name sign (being provided to each family) in their window to help expedite the pick-up line.

The Village of Grafton has requested that no loading and un-loading of students be done along Highway 60 (Washington St.) to assist with the traffic flow.