A Peek at Our Upcoming Week:



11A:  God chooses Gideon to lead Israel

 11B:  God gives Gideon victory

Memory: Matthew 22:37 & 1 Samuel 12:24

CCF: Saul becomes King

Virtue- Responsibility


Mini Lessons: 

  • Readers use more than one strategy at a time.

  • Some beginnings and endings can be read in a snap

  • Don't forget the middle!

  • Readers have strategies to figure out new words

  • Readers check themselves and their reading


Mini Lessons: 

  • 6 Traits of Writing- Introduction of Ideas and Organization


  • Lesson 28 Counting dimes and pennies

  • Writing Addition and Subtraction Fact Families

  • Solving a Problem

  • Identifying Geometric shape pieces that are alike in only one way

Social Studies: 


Unit 1: Lesson 3: Communities Large and Small

Unit 1: Properties of Matter


All About Me Collage

  • Planning and Designing

Word Work/ Spelling:

Unit 1:

Lesson 5: R- Controlled Vowels

Lesson 6: Practicing all the spelling patterns for /er/ sound

Lesson 7: Celebration and recap of all we've learned

First Grade Snap Words

Classroom Information : 

- Monday our class will be taking our second  MAP test. It will be in Math. Please make sure your child gets a good night's sleep, and eats a healthy breakfast. Encourage them to take their time and do their very best.

- Check out our Memory and Spelling tab to find the passages and word list.

- Our room parent this year Erin Greve sent an email about our second grade tailgating basket for the auction. Please consider donating items or money towards this basket. We appreciate your support! 

- Snack -Please send a healthy snack and a water bottle  with your child each day.  


Important Dates: 



24 Fri Panther Parent Harvest Festival

29 Picture Retakes (10am-1:30pm)



7-8 Th-Fr K-8 Parent/Teacher Conferences

8 Fri 1/2 Day of School 11:40am Dismissal


NO 3&4PK PM Classes

16 Sat Sweetest Day Auction

22 Fri Musical - Grades 3-5