Second Grade — Mrs. Nelsen


A Peek at our Upcoming Week:



5A: David Sins

5B: Absalom sings against David

CCF: Week 11: Deborah delivers Israel

Memory: 1 John 4:19 & 1 Chronicles 16:11


Mini Lessons: Unit 2

  • Readers learn about text features

  • Nonfiction readers notice and learn


Mini Lessons: 

  • Final copy and publishing

English: Possessive Nouns


  • Making Polygons on a geoboard & Identifying the angles

  • Adding 3 or more single digit numbers- identifying the associative property

  • Naming a fractional part of a set

  • Subtracting 0 and problem solving

Social Studies: 


Unit 1 Ls. 1 How do we use inquiry skills


Christmas Art Project

Word Work/ Spelling:

Spelling by pattern

Spelling: No Spelling Test this week


Classroom Information : 

- As the weather has started to change please remember to send in a jacket, hats, and gloves. 

- A home reading log will be sent home each week. I would like them to jot down the title/s that they read each night. The reading log will be due and  checked on Mondays. I will send a new one home each monday. 

- Book it reading calendars are due and a new one will be sent home this week.  


Important Dates: 


20 Fri End of 1st Trimester

23-27Mon-Fri NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Break


23-Jan1 We-Fr Christmas Vacation - NO SCHOOL


4 Mon Classes Resume

6-22 Mo-Fr MAP Testing

18-22Mo-Fr Pre-K Parent/Teacher Conferences