This year's musical 

 will be performed by ALL students in Gr. 3-5. 


DATE: Friday, Feb. 5 in St. Paul's church sanctuary
     8:45am & 7:00pm - 
     9:45am & 6:00pm - 
PLACE: St. Paul's Sanctuary
**In order to give students a better rehearsal and performing experience, we have decided to split into 2 performing groups. There will be a Third, Fourth, & Fifth grade class in each group to allow for a unique experience of working with other ages.  Our goal is to give every student a chance to shine with a speaking line as well as singing.  Each performance should be about 30 minutes. 

SONGS  - Printable Lyric Sheet (PDF)              Sing along versions are at the right ---> 

CAST LIST [PDF] - ALL students in 3rd-5th Grades           

SCRIPTS  w/ Song Lyrics[PDF] -               

COSTUME LIST [PDF]  -       Click HERE for ALL classes K-2  (refresh the screen if the PDF looks goofy)



***Students please meet Friday evening in their own classroom 15 minutes before their performance.***



If you would like a DVD of the performance, please call the school office and they will give you the details. 

 Each year, St. Paul does a music or drama production. It rotates to a different level each year. (K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and then back to K-2)  Students will learn lines, movements, songs, and patience while working with props and with a large group of people. These experiences promote individual concentration, self-confidence and body control.  There may also be opportunities for parents to assist with costumes, backgrounds, & props. Please let Miss Bremer know if you would like to help!