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Sept Music Notes

16th notes happy K-8 Music, Choirs & JuBellate...

I will sing of steadfast love and justice; to you, O  Lord,

I will make  music.  Psalm 101:1

Below are 4 areas to check out:

1) General notes, 2) Classes singing in worship, 3) Choir/JuBellate Notes & 4) General Music Class notes. At the right are links to pages with more specific information...   --------------------->>>

 8th note happyGeneral Notes... 

1)    ALL students are scheduled with their class groups to sing in worship throughout the year. Worship and music is a vital part of who we are at St. Paul. There is a schedule available under #2 below, however changes may still be necessary as community illness rates fluctuate. All changes are in consultation with the principal and following the School Board guidelines put in place.

Please make it a priority to be there. Your children feel most secure when everyone is there to sing like they practiced. We do understand you maycontact Ms Bremer or you child's teacher if there are other concerns or conflicts. Clear communication is what we always strive for to keep a strong relationship with you.  :-)


2) Schedule for Gr. K-8 Music in worship and other special events   A  new schedule for 2021-22 is available HERE or through the online calendar at You can narrow what you see by choosing a group from the dropdown menu or search terms in the box at the top.

3) There is a Extracurricular Handbook for all students in an extracurricular activity - athletics, music group, forensics. (Children's Choir, PraisePower, JiVE, Chapel Singers, JuBellate, or Jazz Band) You can find it on the school resources page or a link under the extracurricular groups page at the right. Paper versions available on request. After reading the handbook, the last page needs to be signed by you and your middle school child(ren) then returned to me or Mr. Kell before Sept. 2.

4) Extracurricular Choirs & Handbells are all going this week!   We need some new singers in Chapel Singers- if you haven't tried it yet, this is your time!  You should have gotten an email from Ms Bremer - please contact her if you haven't!

5) Grade 3-5 (ALL Students) musical is moved to Friday, April 29. Everybody in these classes will be part of a play with their class! There will be performances for the school in the afternoon as well as that night. Because of the large number of students, the classes will be divided so there will be a day & evening performance for each group. Specific details will come out in March. 

6) Planning ahead...Christmas services for students will be at different times.  Pre-K and Kindergarten will have their services on a Saturday morning, Dec. 18 at either 9 or 10:30 am. Grades 3-4 will have their service on Dec. 1 at 6:30 pm.  Grades 1-2 will have their service Wednesday, Dec. 8 at 6:30 pm. [Grades 5-8 will have their service Wednesday, Dec. 15 at 6:30 pm.NOTE that the grades split.]

7) Playing piano/instrument for worship is a great way to encourage students to use their gifts for the Lord.  Often classical pieces are  fine to use in worship or there many levels of piano books with hymns and worship songs in them. Pieces should be practiced to their very best so as to assist (not distract) in worship. I want to encourage students of intermediate skill level or higher to aim for playing in church. Students at an elementary skill level can aim to play for chapel services.   Please contact Miss Bremer if you are interested - even if a piece isn't ready or not even chosen yet!

8) Helpers are needed for running powerpoint in chapel/weekend worship services (all year long).    If your 6th grade student (or older) would like to do it, sign up online at With 5 services every weekend, there are many opportunities to serve. The first couple times, it imay be helpful to have a parent sit with them to assist if necessary. Powerpoints are used, but 10-15 minutes of training will explain the unique aspects of our setup and things to be aware of in worship.



Quarter note happy Classes singing in worship...     

This is part of who we are at St. Paul. Not only does learning songs put God's word in their mind & heart, but it also teaches our kids to use their gifts in serving the Lord. I am glad we will be worshipping together.      

Music Schedules for K-8 Classes (printable) can be found HERE.
Song lyrics for classes and Children's Choir will be as needed.

(If there is a conflict for your family, please let me or your child's homeroom teacher know. We are also trying to teach our kids the importance of communicating when commitments must be missed.)     

THANK YOU for your partnership in making worship a priority!  "I will sing of steadfast love and justice; to you, O Lord, I will make music."  (Psalm 101:1)



8th note happy Choir/JuBellate Notes... 

ALL Choirs:  Schedules are available for each choir below. The Extracurricular Handbook is available HERE and should have been read and the last page signed and returned. Please contact Ms Bremer if you have any concerns or conflicts. 

Children's Choir [Schedule]
Rehearsal starts Mon, Sept. 20 
PraisePower [Schedule]
Rehearsal starts Mon, Sept.20
JiVE [Schedule]
Rehearsal starts Wed, Sept. 15
JuBellate [Schedule]:  
Rehearsal starts Mon, Sept.20
Chapel Singers:  
Rehearsal starts Mon, Sept.20
Eligibility Reminders:      This applies to Gr. 5-8 students in extracurricular Music Groups (Jazz Band, JiVE, Chapel Singers & JuBellate). Eligibility is checked every 2 weeks. The extracurricular handbook specifices the requirements. You get a 2-week warning if your grades are low. If they don't come up to the minimum requirements, then students may not be involved in practice or performances until their grades are high enough at the next eligibility check. 


   16th notes happy       Miscellaneous General Music Notes:                                              


General Music 

Grading Rubric

Kindergarten...  taught by Mrs. Young
1st Grade...       taught by Mrs. Young
2nd Grade...       rhythm
3rd Grade...        singing response
4th Grade...        melody/harmony
5th Gr Non-Band Music...  (check if you are gone)




6-8th Gr Non-Band Music... (check if you are gone)