Center for Academic Resources and Enrichment Director — Mrs. Gieschen

September 21


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This week in CARE...

We have another week of MAP testing ahead!  Remember to keep bedtime a routine, eat a great breakfast and keep a GROWTH MINDSET attitude!

 will continue their work identifying letters and numbers.  We will be playing games  to review letter names and numbers.  We will play the I have...Who has letter game - can you play it with your little ones each night??

First Graders   are working on their sight words.  We are reading books with the words as review.  

Second Graders  will be working on story characteristics.  We are identifyling characters, setting and events of the story using our sticky notes to RETELL.

Third and Fourth Graders are working on retell  and synthesis - using our own thoughts to see what we think is going to happen next - always stating evidence as to WHY we think that.

Have a Blessed Week!

Denise Gieschen :)