Center for Academic Resources and Enrichment Director — Mrs. Gieschen

November 30





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This week in C.A.R.E...... 

Kindergarteners will be focusing on beginning sounds this week.  We will be reading books and playing BINGO with our sight words.

First Graders will be on our sight word phrases. We will be working on looking for thhose special vowel teams and THREE letter blends!

Second Graders will be looking at compound words this week this week.  We will be reviewing the long"e" patterns (ee, e-e and ea) as well as the long "i" patterns (i-e, y, igh).  We will also be looking in our books for things that make us laugh or surprize us!

Third Graders will be looking into out nonfiction - looking for tricky words and how to find meaning in those words from the text.

Fourth Graders will continue reading for meaning as we read News articles.

Blessings on your week!

Denise Gieschen

CARE Director