Fifth Grade — Ms. Prichard

Week of September 27th

Another week in the books! The students did SO much better with remembering to bring all of their supplies to class!  Last week, we spent some class time looking at the Bible verse John 13:34-35 (a personal favorite). "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.    By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." This verse reflects the ideals and environment that I want my classroom to be for each student. We talked about different ways that we can model loving others as deeply and wholly as God loves us. As we head into a new week, I will be praying that each student will continue to reflect on this verse, mirroring it in their thoughts, words, and actions towards their classmates and teachers. 


  • REMINDER: Brown envelopes will be sent home on Monday September 28th. Please remember to look through your student's graded work, sign, and send it back. Thank you!
  • LSA Cross Country Meet: Saturday, October 3rd
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences: October 8th and 9th
  • End of Quarter 1: October 30th

5 Reading: This week, we will wrap up our unit on Crenshaw! As we look forward toward the beginning of our first book clubs of the school year, we will focus on the skills and strategies that we will use during that time. 

5 English: We are headed to Grammar bootcamp! Now that we have spent a week working on the elements of a paragraph and developing our own, we are ready to learn the foundational grammar terms to strengthen our writing. 

5 Vocab: This week, we will be wrapping up unit 2. Students will be responsible for completing Word Associations (pg. 23), Word Study (pg. 24), and Shades of Meaning (pg. 25). The unit 2 test will be on Friday October 2nd. 

6 Reading: This is our final week of our Hatchet unit, so we will be wrapping up our reading and continuing to utilize our reading strategies as we look forward to starting our book clubs next week. 

6 English: This week we will focus on strengthening our word choice, building on the skills that we practiced during our Show, Don't Tell unit. We will also read a nonfiction article together, working on how to pull out the key information, as well as how to write a summary of that information. 

6 Vocab: This week, we will begin Unit 2A. Students will be responsible for completing Using Context (pg. 27), Choosing the Right Word (pg. 28), and Completing the Sentence (pg. 29). The Unit 2A test will be on Friday October 2nd.

5th Grade Social Studies: We have one final giant states and capitals quiz left!  All 50 states and capitals will be on our quiz Friday, October 2nd.  We will also move toward our unit story/essay about Native Americans during class as well this week.

5th Grade Math (Prichard ONLY):  Next week in math, we will be starting work in Unit 2, focusing on reviewing and working toward a deeper understanding of multiplication and division.
5th Grade Science:  Next week Monday, we will finally be able to summarize our first unit. We will complete a 2D model (flow chart) showing how all of the concepts fit together.  
Then, we will take our first unit test on TUESDAY (a separate email with more details to come).
Finally, we will wrap up our week introducing our next science unit.

5-8 P.E.: Frisbee Golf had great weather.  We will continue with group rounds.  

6 Health: Continued the unit on physical fitness and exercise.

Fischer Music started presenting on their favorite artist, genre, and decade.  They have done a really nice job so far.