Fifth Grade — Ms. Prichard

Week of January 24th


  • National Lutheran Schools Week: January 24th-30th

  • NO SCHOOL: President's Day (Monday, February 15th)

  • Book fair: Continues through January 31st


Reading: We will continue our realistic fiction book club unit this week. We will continue to learn new reading strategies, as well as do a midpoint check-in/reader response assignment. 

English: We will begin our new writing unit this week. We will also continue building on the grammar concepts that we started last week. 

Vocab: We will begin week 2 of Unit 8 this week. Students are responsible for completing Word Associations (pg. 85), Word Study (pg. 86), and Shades of Meaning (pg. 87). They will also need to bring their flashcards to class each day. The test will be Friday January 29th. The words for the unit are:

  1. Alternate

  2. Demolish

  3. Energetic 

  4. Enforce

  5. Feat

  6. Hearty

  7. Mature

  8. Observant

  9. Primary

  10. Resign

  11. Strive

  12. Verdict

Science (Prichard and Fischer): In Science, most of next week will be focused on wrapping up our body systems project.  Students will be finishing up their BODY SYSTEM PROJECT early in the week.  This will include researching what body parts their system includes, major functions of the system, ways to keep the system healthy and creating a hands on model related to the body system.  The goal of the model is to help our peers better understand HOW one aspect of our body system works. The remainder of the week will include student presentations to share their models and learning with one another.  Projects and presentations will be graded. As always, you can keep up with our day to day assignments and any changes to this schedule at

Math (Prichard only): This week in math, we will be covering two strategies for multiplying by 2 and 3 digit numbers, probability, and finding fractions to complete a whole (or subtracting a fraction from one).  I anticipate finishing unit 6 near the end of next week.  I will send out an email about the upcoming test when we are closer. As always, you can keep up with our day to day assignments and any changes to this schedule at   

Social Studies:  This week, we will be talking about the growth of the United States, from 13 colonies all the way to the Pacific Ocean.  There will be no tests or quizzes this week.

Religion: Next 5 books  Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, MatthewP.E.: Speedball

Health:  Finished examining different types of families and what makes them healthy.