Band - Mrs. Young

Beginning Band

I've introduced SmartMusic to the students.  They are able to log in and work towards earning their WHITE band belt.  There are 5 short pieces from their book that they need to record themselves playing at home.  Please be encouraging your students to be practicing at home.  They have probably moved on from 10 minute practice sessions and can play for 15 minutes 4 times per week now.  They have a few Christmas pieces you might be hearing at home!

  Concert Band

We're starting to work on Christmas music!  The students have some short recordings to turn in on SmartMusic this week.  We have been working through our music theory packet each week.  They have a review sheet this week and on Thursday we'll have a test on that material.   

Our leadership lesson this week was about balance, blend and harmony--three goals we strive for in our music.  But with all these different instruments--woodwinds, brass, percussion; with different clefs and transpositions and sounds?  It's not easy, but when we work at it, the sound is beautiful.  What a great picture of working together with others in our daily lives.  We're all different, but we all bring the gifts God has given us as we love and serve others to make something beautiful.  This week, students are to reach out to someone different than them, who plays a different part--In band, or in some other aspect of life.  See things from their point of view, or listen to what their part/life sounds like right now.  We are called to be more than conquerors through Christ together.