Age 4 Pre-K: MWF — Mrs. Willman

September 20-24

Friendship Cliparts - Cliparts Zone

Our theme for the week is "Preschool Pals" and we will be focusing on the letter "Ff" for "friends." The class will be making their own friend book with pictures of all of their classmates.  We will also be decorating a picture frame and putting a class picture inside of it for them to take home.  The kids will be learning about being a good friend. A good friend is kind, helpful and caring. We will practice sharing and create a rainbow fish that has a special colorful scale from each student. Our Bible lesson for the week is "God Answers Abraham's Prayer" and we will continue to practice the song "Father Abraham" during Jesus time.

The St. Paul annual Sweetest Day Auction is coming up on Saturday, October 16th. The theme this year is "Enchantment Under the Sea!" A letter was sent home today explaining our classroom baskets. Please feel free to purchase items off of the Amazon wishlist, purchase items related to our themes from anywhere or donate money. We are excited to see what donations you bring in to fill our baskets. Room parents may be contacting you.

We are also looking for donations from businesses and companies. Let me know if your place of employment or your business would be willing to donate for this event. Thanks in advance for your assistance! We are excited about our upcoming auction on October 16th. Please put this date on your calendar!

Important Dates:

Sept. 22- Gym

Sept. 24- Library and Chapel (Please return your child's library bag and book.)

Sept. 29: Picture Retake Day

Oct. 16- School Auction 

Star of the Week- Faith

Please remember your banner, snack for 8 friends and show and tell.