Age 4 Pre-K: MWF — Mrs. Cody

Week of May 17th

* Our Classroom This Week *


PreK Wrap Up    Click Here for Weekly Outline PDF

Bible Lesson

Jesus Returns to Heaven (Ascension)

Letter of the Week


Here are the letters we've covered so far this year: N, H, F, I, Y, A, L, S, R, U, Q, O, M, V, D, E, T, P, B, K, C, J, W, G, X

You can help a and practice these letters (and all of the alphabet) at home! Looking for some creative ways to practice letters? Click here! 

Looking for some great ABC books for preschoolers? Click here!

*News and Updates*

????Drive Through Graduation Ceremony  - I am so excited for our Drive Through Graduation Ceremony next Tuesday, May 26th. If you have not yet had a chance to sign up for an arrival time slot, please do so by following THIS LINK. As a reminder, this event is an opportunity to drive through our St. Paul carport so your child can receive their graduation certificate, collect their letter binder and memory book, and take a photo (no lingering or touching). 
?No School - In response to the surveys that were sent out, Mr. Yurk has scheduled a Professional Development days for the staff on Friday, May 15th and Friday, May 22nd. You'll notice there are no Seesaw activities assigned on those days.
? Class Video Meetings - Our final Zoom meetings will take place on:
                   Saturday, 5/16 at 11:00am. 
I hope as many of you can join as possible! As always, these meetings are optional. I hope at least one of these times will work for you, and look forward to getting together. I'll send a separate email with more information.
? Library Book - If your child still has a school library book, please make sure they bring it along to return at our drive-up graduation. 
? Distance Learning Pictures -  I would like to include a few distance learning pictures in the memory book. Would you please send me 2-3 photos of your child engaged in learning at home? I'd love a picture of your child with Flat Mrs. Cody, too. For those of you who have already emailed me some pictures, I have those saved.