Age 4 Pre-K: MWF — Mrs. Willman

January 25-29

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Our theme for the week is mittens and we will be learning about the "Mm."  We will practice making a matching pair of mittens, we will read "The Mitten" by Jan Brett, and practice doing mitten math.  Our Bible story for the week is "Jesus Makes a Sick Boy Well."

Important Dates

January 25-29- National Lutheran Schools Week

January 27- Bring your mittens to class

February 5- Bring Valentine's to school

February 8- Book Orders Due

February 12- Valentine's Day Party

Star of the Week- Harlowe

Please remember your banner, snack for 10 friends and a show and tell.


Mrs. Willman

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We will be celebrating National Lutheran Schools Week this week. We will have some special dress-up days along with special classroom treats and activities. Please note the information below: