Age 4 Pre-K: MWF — Mrs. Willman

April 19-23

Ant Hill Free Vector Art - (15 Free Downloads)

Our theme for the week is creepy crawlies and we will be focusing on the letter "Aa" for "ant."  Throughout the week we will be counting ants, helping ants find their way through a maze and pretending to eat like an ant with pinchers for our mouths.  We will be practicing patterns and learning about the different parts of an insect (head, thorax and abdomen).  The kids will have an opportunity to make insect "fossils" out of playdoh and build a beehive with our count and roll game.  

Please continue to stop at the bathrooms on your way into school and bring a light jacket to wear while we play outside. 

Important Dates:

May 24: Field Trip at the Horse Farm 8:15-10:45

May 28: Closing Service 8:30 (Note time change)

Star of the Week- Olivia B. 

Please remember your snack, banner and show and tell.


Mrs. Willman