Monthly Newsletters

January News

Dear Parents,

It's hard to believe that we are already looking at our schedule for 2013!  I pray that the year is full of happy memories for you and your family as your children continue to grow in many ways.  Below, you will find an outline of our themes for the month and some of the activities that are planned. 

We will not be going outside unless it is posted on the calendar during the winter months. On the posted Outside Play Days, your child needs to have a warm coat, snow pants, hat, mittens and boots. We will look forward to playing out in the snow and getting some fresh air! Our scheduled Outside Play Day for January is Thursday, January 17th and Friday, January 18th. Please mark this down on your calendar at home so that your child is prepared to go outside for some winter fun!

Food and Nutrition.Jan. 2-4 & 7-11

We will learn about the importance of eating healthy foods and taking care of our bodies.  We will read the story "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs" and talk about what foods are good for us to eat and bad for us to eat.    We will also learn a little about the food groups, classify foods that are healthy and unhealthy with new friends "Healthy Harry" and "Sweet Tooth Sue", paint with fruits and vegetables, and we will practice the letter "F" for food in our letter journals.  Please watch for notes coming home each day that explain what we talked about along with extension activities and discussions for at home. We will also go on a field trip to Sendiks to learn about healthy foods in their store. Our Bible lessons will be about how Jesus came to the earth to show us how much He loved us through the story of Jesus growing as a child from Luke 2:40; 52 and how we worship and learn about God just like Jesus from Luke 2:41-52.


Mittens.Jan. 14-18

We will be doing special activities with mittens and snow during this week.  We will practice the letter "M" for mitten in our letter journals.  We will also read the story "The Mitten" and make little animals to put in a mitten so that we can retell the story. We will make a pair of matching mittens as we learn about making pairs.  We will have OUTSIDE PLAT DAYS on Thursday and Friday, January 17th & 18th.

Our Bible lesson will be about how Jesus makes us His children through baptism from Matthew 3:13-17.

Teddy Bears.Jan. 21-25

We will have a week full of teddy bear fun.  We will count and sort teddy bears, make patterns with teddy bears, and even learn how teddy bears are made.  We will practice the letter "T" for teddy bear in our letter journals.  The children are encouraged to bring their teddy bears to school everyday this week.  We will compare them, have a teddy bear parade in the school, and even take them to see the movie "Corduroy".  It will be another fun-filled learning experience for the children.  Our Bible lesson will be about how Jesus asks us to be His helpers through the story of Jesus Choosing His Disciples from Matthew 4:18-22.


Books & Nursery Rhymes   Jan. 28 - Feb. 1

During this unit, we will learn about what writers and illustrators do.  We will read lots of stories, enjoy nursery rhymes, and create books of our own.  Our Bible Lesson will be Jesus Blesses the children from Mark 10.  We will learn about how Jesus loves us and welcomes us.

Please note that we will have Open House and Registration for next year on Tuesday, Jan 29th and Friday, Jan 30th. Please make sure to get your forms in so that you have your spot reserved for next year.

We will also be having Family Day on Friday, February 1st. This is a special day where ALL Pre-K children are invited to attend with a parent/grandparent from 8:00-10:30. We will have a special chapel and enjoy activities throughout the morning. There will be no PM Class on that day.

Thanks again for all of your support and prayers.  May God continue to bless you and your family in 2013!


Mrs. Werner