2K Little Learners — Mrs. Schumacher

Week of April 20- Bugs


" Bugs that creep, bugs that crawl, our lord God made them all!" For the next 2 weeks, 2 Pre-k will enjoy exploring the world of bugs.  We will team up with Mrs. willman's 4K and decorate the hallway bulletin board with our bug art.  This week we will create ladybugs, bees, and ants and talk about how they are the same and different.  Our sensory buckets will have plastic bugs that we can scoop out and pinch.  We will read a couple information books on bugs as well as Bugs, Bugs, I Love Bugs by Philemon Sturges.  2K will recite some bug songs and rhyme with the felt board pieces. We will hopefully get outside briefly to look for some bugs as well.

Jesus time:

Our story this week is about the Holy Spirit coming from God as a helper for the disciples.  The Holy spirit helps us too, just like God made some bugs and critters to help the earth.  We will also begin practicing a couple of fun songs to share with you at our 2K graduation.  

Importnat Dates:

Snack/S.T.A.R. this week: Reese

Next week: Wyatt

( please remember to have your child bring a show and tell item too, thank you!

Thursday, May 27th- final day of class and graduation during our chapel time!!!