Holy Communion

Holy Communion is celebrated during all Worship Services on the first and third weekends of the month.

NOTE: During COVID, we are practicing continuous walk up communion during all services. 

At our Traditional Worship Services both the individual cups and the common cup are used for the distribution. The individual cups are offered on the pulpit side of the church and the common cup on the lectern side. After dismissal from the pews by the ushers, communicants are free to join whichever line (individual cups or common cup) they prefer.

Continuous communion is also practiced at St. Paul. This means that as soon as you have received both the "body" and the "blood" you are encouraged to return to your pew. That leaves your spot vacant for another communicant to immediately fill in. At our Contemporary Worship Service individual cups are used for the distribution. Continuous "walk by" communion on floor level (with 2 lines of communicants forming down the center aisles) is the norm. After all have communed the Pastor speaks the words of dismissal.