Third Grade — Mrs. Clemens

For the Week of January 20

Hello Families,

Looks like Winter will be joining us this weekend.  May you all be safe and warm. Remember to send your child in hats, gloves, and warm coats.  The temperature will be cold this next week. 

This week we were very busy.  We enjoyed learning about the creation of cities in our young country and immigrants of the late 1800's and early 1900's.  We began our lesson on Animal life cycles in Science, which ties in nicely with our Non-fiction reading and also our Creative Writing for next week we will write a brief animal research paper.  In Religion, we have enjoyed continuing the story of Moses after he freed the Isrealites out of Egypt.  It is so exciting also, to apply what we learn in Reading, to our other subjects. 

Scholastic Book Order-   Orders online or papercopies will be due on Jan. 23.  

Book It- Keep Reading!

Writing Contest- Each of the students have an opportunity to write a story for a contest organized by Delta Kappa Gamma.  This is an optional activity.  If your child does want to write a story, it needs to be given to me by January 22.  Here are the rules: 1. The book must be written and illustrated by one student. 2.The book should be an original fiction or an enhanced personal narrative piece with well-developed characters, setting, plot, etc. (Not poetry) 3.   Illustrations can be drawings, collages, computer art, paintings or original photographs and must be incorporated into the text. (Not just before or after the story.) Sources for downloaded or scanned artwork must be documented. 4. Stories may be handwritten, typed, or computer printouts. Someone other than the author may do typing and editing. Make sure your book has been proofread for errors.      5.Books should have an illustrated or designed cover, as well as, a separate title page. Books should be securely bound. (If using plastic binders, staple before covering with binding strip). 6. Books may not exceed the maximum number of words (count all words) for the author's grade level: Grade 3 Maximum-- 500 words.

   Save the Date!!     The 9th Annual St. Paul Trivia Night is Saturday, February 16. Start gathering your teams of up to (8) people. Registration forms will be available in January.

BUY SUNDAES TO Support the Ozaukee K9 Unit.  On Thursday, January 31, during lunch, ice cream sundaes will be served to anyone who had purchased a ticket for any donation over $1.  Tickets can be purchased before school (8-8:15 am) on January 25, 28, and 29th.  See below:

Four eighth graders, who have been selected to participate in the L.E.A.D. organization, have created a service project. Our service project focuses on delicious ice-cream sundaes which supports the Ozaukee County K9 Unit. To participate in this event, purchase a ticket for a minimum donation of $1.00 before school on January 25, 28, and 29 by the trophy case in the South Wing. Once you have purchased a ticket, bring it to lunch on January 31 to receive your ice cream sundae! All donations directly support the Ozaukee County K9 Unit. (You can find more information about this organization on this link). Thank you for your support!



Grace Viesselmann, Mya Hartjes, Gracie McNabb, Elisabeth Young

   Upcoming Events:

17-26 Mo-Fr Scholastic Book Fair

27-Feb 1 National Lutheran Schools Week

31-Feb1Th-Fr K-8 Parent/Teacher Conferences