Third Grade — Mrs. Radue

Mar. 17, 2019

Dear Parents,

Please continue reviewing multiplication facts with your child.  We will be starting division soon and knowing multiplication facts will definitely make this process easier.

In Social Studies, we have been talking about cultural celebrations.  I would like to do activities about your family's nationality.  Please send me a note or e-mail about what your family's main nationality is by Tuesday so I can start my research.  We will eventually have a cultural food celebration/tasting party so start thinking about which kind of  sample you might want to send for us to try.  This won't happen for awhile yet, so just think about it for awhile.  I will give plenty of notice.

Please check that your child is doing reading homework on a daily basis.  We are in book clubs now and when reading isn't done, it's not fair to the group because those who don't do the reading aren't able to participate in the discussions.  Logging is also very important so I can keep track of how your child is becoming a stronger reader.  Thank you for your help in keeping your child on track.

This last trimester is going to go very quickly.  Let's finish strong!

Have a good week.

In Christ,

Mrs. Radue