Sixth Grade and Social Studies — Mr. Wellna

April 11th - 17th

Hello everyone.  I hope you all had a blessed Easter.  Let us always be thankful to live in the freedom that stems from Easter morning.

Both brown envelopes, eligibility check, and progress reports will be going home on Monday.  Please please please make sure that you see these as we approach the last 8 weeks of school.

Also a note: Casual Fridays all through April.


Announcements for this week:

  • Brown Envelopes -   Monday, April 12th
  • Progress Reports - Monday, April 12th
  • Eligibility Check - Monday, April 12th
  • MAP Testing - Week of April 19th
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences (By appoinment) - April 29th
  • 8th Grade Confirmation - Sunday, May 2nd


Class Update
Social Studies
6th grade is back with Mr. Wellna for our new unit about China.  Lucky them. We will be having a map quiz later in the week, possibly Thursday.  I will let the students know for sure as we get closer.
We will cover these topics in math this week:  More on algebraic addition, compound probability, ratio problems with totals, and mass/weight.  Math TEST: Tuesday, April 13.

Blessed Easter! The weeks after Easter Sunday make up the season of Easter in the church. We will hear about how Jesus appeared to His disciples and the instructions He gave to them before His ascension into heaven. I pray that you will continue to focus on what Jesus is saying to you in this season, and will continue to follow in His footsteps.

6th Grade

We are continuing our focus on the last week of Jesus' life here on earth. We will be looking at his trial before Pilate as well as His crucifixion and His last words from the cross.

Memory Quiz #26 - DUE April 16th 

Luke 24:6 ~ He is not here; he has risen! Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee:


Journal Entry #14 - DUE April 16th

Imagine you were one of the people headed to the tomb on Easter morning. On Friday you saw Jesus crucified, and now you are on your way to finish embalming His body. How do you feel and what are you thinking as you walk to the tomb? Now imagine you have arrived at the tomb and found it empty. The angel has told you Jesus has risen from the dead. Now how do you feel and what are you thinking as you leave the tomb?

Sermon Note #6 - DUE May 14th


This week in 6th grade, we are learning about the Sun.  There will be a quiz on Lessons 1-3 Friday, April 16th!


We will wrap up our poetry unit this week. Students will be responsible for writing a capstone poem based on a mentor poem, which will be due next Monday. 


We will continue our research unit this week. Students will work in their small groups to prepare for their debate. Debates will most likely take place on Friday.


We will work on Unit 12A this week. Students will be responsible for completing Using Context (pg. 171), Choosing the Right Word (pg. 172), and Completing the Sentence (pg. 173). The test will be Friday April 16th. The words for the unit are: 

  1. Abduct

  2. Balk

  3. Confer

  4. Frigid

  5. Incalculable 

  6. Intensive 

  7. Maneuver 

  8. Sabotage

  9. Strident 

  10. Valiant


5-8 P.E.  We did not have class on Monday

6 Health Resolving conflict skits. 

Music (Fischer)

Fischer Music Started our Incredibox project