Study Skills

Dear Parents,

We are happy to inform you that we will soon begin to teach a program called SOAR® Study Skills. SOAR® Study Skills is a simple system of easy, student-friendly strategies that help students study and complete homework much more efficiently. Through the SOAR® program, students will learn skills that will help them:
- manage time                                                         - set goals
- organize papers                                                    - write papers
- communicate with parents and teachers              - take tests
- plan for homework and projects                          -organize their space
- improve reading comprehension                          - take notes

Study Skills are often not addressed in schools. With the strong focus on "teaching to the test" little time is left to devote to study skills. This is highly unfortunate, especially considering that research shows that the increased likelihood that average high school students will graduate from college if they take a study skills class is 600%. Considering this statistic, you should be happy to know that we are dedicated to teaching your child how to learn strategically.
Here are some things you can do at home to support the SOAR® Study Skills Program:
- Please take the time to ask your child about some of the time-saving tips they are learning through SOAR®. The simple act of talking with your child about these skills will go a long way towards helping him or her remember to use them.
- SOAR® teaches how to plan ahead. To support this, please take 10 minutes every Sunday to share plans for the upcoming week with your child. This should be a reciprocal conversation (versus an "interrogation") and everyone should make notes in their calendars/planners.
- Your child will need to set up a paper station at home to file school papers. Options include a designated box (shoebox, file box, even a clean pizza box), a separate drawer in a desk or dresser, or a portion of the family file cabinet. SOAR® highly recommends a Pendeflex Hanging Organizer (visit for a link to purchase this product from
- Encourage your child to continue to use the strategies learned through the SOAR® program even after the program ends.

You can access further tips to help integrate the SOAR® Study Skills system into your home, by visiting and signing up for the free guide, Six Steps to Conquer the Chaos.
Thank you for your help in making the SOAR® Study Skills program a meaningful learning experience!


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