Physical Education


  • Grading (20 Daily Points)
    • 10 points for proper clothing (shirt-4, shorts-4, shoes-2)
    • 10 points for general participation (on time, on task, respectful to self and others, putting forth the best effort, open to new experiences)
  • Discipline/Contacting Home
    • Discipline issues coincide with not following the proper clothing and general participation guidelines listed above.  Grades 5-8 will follow blue list guidelines.
    • Students that repeatedly cannot follow the class rules become a safety issue.  They will be removed from that class period and receive a 0 for general participation.   Grades 5-8 will also receive an after school detention. 
    • I will contact parents to discuss the issue and the strategy to get the student back on track. 
  •  Gymnasium
    • With the blessing of the new gym it is critical that the pe students understand that they share the responsibility to keep it nice.  This means having shoes that are clean and used only inside the gym.  These shoes need to stay at school.  I also suggest having an extra pair of socks at school in case you don't wear socks to school. 
    • There is an awesome new water fountain inside the gym so students will not need to bring drinks.  
  • Sitting Out of Class
    • Students are encouraged to participate in every class.  If they forget pe clothes they will lose points but still be able to participate. Students without tennis shoes will not be able to go barefoot in the gym.  They should talk to me about coming up with a solution (borrowing a pair, cleaning off street shoes).  I will try my best to allow them to participate safely.  If this becomes a reoccurring problem, students will not be allowed to participate if they do not have their gym shoes. 
    • I allow one "sick day "a trimester where a student can sit out if they do not feel they can participate.  After that I will need a note from home or a doctor's office.  I will only accept 3 notes from home per trimester.  Then I must have a doctor's notice or the student will receive a 0 for the day.
    • Students that do not participate in pe class will not be allowed to do after school sports that day.