Music/Choir — Ms. Bremer

Spring Music Notes

8th note happyMarvelous Spring Music Notes!

1)  It has been a different year with me going into rooms on a cart for Gr. K-4. Overall we have been able to do a lot of great music learning! We have also been blessed this year with new Orff instruments and ukuleles that will be used fully next year - I can't wait!

2) Spring Band Concert is Friday, May 17 at 2pm & 6:30pm.  Hear the Beginning and Concert Bands and look for more details to come!

3) Audition dates for regional groups -  

Milwaukee Children's Choir (MCC) is holding auditions for their choirs. They have many choirs for different ages and abilities for Gr. 1-12. Info at .

Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra (MYSO) has many options for Gr.7-12 instrumentalists and video auditions are due April 30. Though they are time & travel commitments, students learn a lot and have a lot of incredible opportunities. We have had various St. Paul students participate in the past.

 4)    Helpers are needed for running powerpoint in chapel/weekend worship services (all year long).    If your 6th grade student (or older) would like to do it, please contact me. Sign up at SPLSignups.  With 5 services every weekend, there are many opportunities to serve. The first couple times, it is helpful to have a parent sit with them to assist if necessary. Powerpoints are used, but 10-15 minutes of training will explain the unique aspects of our setup and things to be aware of in worship. These can also be used as service hours.