Music/Choir — April 2020

May notes


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16th notes happy

1) General notes,

2) Classes singing in worship,

3) Choir/JuBellate Notes 

4) General Music Class notes. At the right are links to pages with more specific information...   --------------------->>>

 8th note happyGeneral Notes... 

1)       I have missed making music with you! I hope you have been singing and making music since I have seen you last! I have gotten some pictures and notes telling me what you are up to and have loved it. I was busy learning how to create, record, and edit worship services, so I understand the challenge of new technology and doing things in a different way. Now I want to connect with you! 

2) Music for Gr. K-4 is OPTIONAL enrichment.

Gr. K-3:  I will give you different activities you can choose from. The first 2 weeks it is in the form of this Music Choice Board PDF. You can try out activities as you have time - try to get a Bingo (5 in a row!) Or you can do enough to make a letter 'H' or 'N' or 'X'.  A couple boxes have links to either my  SPLMusicTeach YouTube playlist or to the school's website. The goal is to have some creative joyful time that implements music making and/or listening skills. You don't have to return anything to me each week - just have fun! If you want to share a picture or a video, just email it to me - but no requirements.  :-)

Gr. 4:

We will keep moving forward with recorder. Work on Recorder Karate and we will figure out how to earn belts. Use Google Classroom (let me know if you still need the class code) and Flipgrid. Let me know if you are having troubles.


3)  Music for Gr. 5-8 is GRADED, but self-paced.

Gr. 5-8:

Music for Gr. 5-8 is generally self-paced and graded. (Lower grade music is optional, but not in Gr. 5-8. In Google Classroom, there are 2 groups of assignments you must complete before the end of school. All assignments are up so they can be worked on as you wish. The first one is due on May 14 and the second is due May 27.






Quarter note happy Classes singing in worship...     

This is part of who we are at St. Paul. Not only does learning songs put God's word in their mind & heart, but it also teaches our kids to use their gifts in serving the Lord. I am glad we will be worshipping together.            

Music Schedules (printable) can be found HERE (also linked at the top right). 
Song lyrics for classes and Children's Choir are            HERE (also linked at the right).

Gr. K-8 Students will sing  for 8am worship on Sun., May 17 - CANCELLED

All students will be at the same service this time. Please note: JuBellate members will play at the offering.    If there is a conflict for your family, please let me or your child's homeroom teacher know. We are also trying to teach our kids the importance of communicating when commitments must be missed.


Later this Year: 


         THANK YOU for your partnership in making worship a priority!  "I will sing of steadfast love and justice; to you, O Lord, I will make music."  (Psalm 101:1)



8th note happy Choir/JuBellate Notes... 

ALL Choirs:  Music Schedules (printable) can be found HERE (also linked at the top right). 
Song lyrics for classes and Children's Choir are            HERE (also linked at the right).
Fri., May 15, 2:00 & 6:30 pm St. Paul Band & Choirs Spring Concert - CANCELLED. :-(

Children's Choir: 
Chapel Singers:  
Eligibility Reminders:             Gr. 5-8 students in extracurricular Music Groups (Jazz Band, JiVE, Chapel Singers & JuBellate). Eligibility is checked every 2 weeks. The music handbook specifices the requirements. You get a 2-week warning if your grades are low. If they don't come up to the minimum requirements, then students may not be involved in practice or performances until their grades are high enough at the next eligibility check. 


   16th notes happy             Miscellaneous General Music Notes:                                                    


General Music 

Grading Rubric

Kindergarten...  Choice Board - try to make a BINGO!
1st Grade...         Choice Board - try to make a BINGO!     
2nd Grade...        Choice Board - try to make a BINGO!     
3rd Grade...         Choice Board - try to make a BINGO!     
4th Grade...               recorders - use GC with Flipgrid, and the recorder page link at the right
5th Gr Non-Band Music...  (sometimes we use




6-8th Gr Non-Band Music... (sometimes we use