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March Notes

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16th notes happy 


8th note happyGeneral Notes...

1)  Wednesday, March 6 is Ash Wednesday.  Ash Wednesday starts the 40 day observance of Lent.  As part of our chapel service, which will be led by Rev. Dr. Timothy Maschke, students will have the option of having a cross of ashes placed on their forehead or hands.  Students can also pass.  Over the next week in religion classes, we will be talking about the significance of the ash mark being placed on us, that we know we are sinners, yet we have the great promise of forgiveness because Jesus died for our sins and resurrected on Easter morning.  

2) STUDENTS in Gr. 6-8 will sing "Just as I Am" on Saturday, March 9 for 5pm worship.  We will meet to practice and line up in the church balcony at 4:40pm.   Students will sit together until time to sing (about 5:15) and then go to their families. Song lyrics are available at the right on the Song Lyric page.

3)  Helpers are needed for running powerpoint in chapel/weekend worship services (all year long).    If your 6th grade student (or older) would like to do it, please contact me. There is a sign-up on the church side of under Servant Ministries and then Media Ministry.  With 5 services every weekend, there are many opportunities to serve. The first couple times, it is helpful to have a parent sit with them to assist if necessary. Powerpoints are used, but 10-15 minutes of training will explain the unique aspects of our setup and things to be aware of in worship.



Quarter note happy Classes singing in worship...     

This is part of who we are at St. Paul. Not only does learning songs put God's word in their mind & heart, but it also teaches our kids to use their gifts in serving the Lord. I am glad we will be worshipping together.      

Music Schedules (printable) can be found HERE (also linked at the top right).

Song lyrics for classes and Children's Choir are      HERE (also linked at the right).


Students in Gr. 6-8  will sing on Saturday, March 9 for 5pm worship.  We will meet to practice and line up in the church balcony  at 4:40pm.

Students in Gr. 3-5 will song on Saturday, March 30 for 5pm worship.

ALL Students in Gr. K-8 will sing Sunday, May 18 at 8am worship.


(If there is a conflict for your family, please let me or your child's homeroom teacher know. We are also trying to teach our kids the importance of communicating when commitments must be missed.)     

THANK YOU for your partnership in making worship a priority!  "I will sing of steadfast love and justice; to you, O Lord, I will make music."  (Psalm 101:1)


8th note happy Choir/JuBellate Notes... SPRING CONCERT is Friday, May  17 at 2 & 6:30pm! Please find song lyrics and recordings on the song lyric page as they become available. 

ALL Choirs:  Music Schedules (printable) can be found HERE (also linked at the top right).

Song lyrics for classes and Children's Choir are                  HERE (also linked at the right).

Children's Choir: Rehearsals on Tuesdays after school until 4:15pm

PraisePower: Rehearsals on Mondays 11:35-noon

JiVE: Rehearsals on Wednesdays 12:30-1pm

JuBellate: Rehearsals on Mondays 12:30-1pm

Chapel Singers:  


Eligibility Reminders:      This applies to Gr. 5-8 students in extracurricular Music Groups (Jazz Band, JiVE, Chapel Singers & JuBellate). Eligibility is checked every 2 weeks. The music handbook specifices the requirements. You get a 2-week warning if your grades are low. If they don't come up to the minimum requirements, then students may not be involved in practice or performances until their grades are high enough at the next eligibility check.

   16th notes happy       Miscellaneous General Music Notes:                                          


General Music

Grading Rubric

Kindergarten...  Carnival of the Animals Unit

1st Grade...      Peter and the Wolf Unit

2nd Grade...    Mozart's Magic Flute Unit

3rd Grade...     Beethoven Unit

4th Grade...      Soprano recorders starting! Bring every Tuesday & Thursday!

5th Gr Non-Band Music...  (sometimes we use


 Alto recorders starting! Bring every Tuesday & Thursday!


6-8th Gr Non-Band Music... (sometimes we use


  Music Theory - Johann Strauss Jr Unit