First Grade — Mrs. Cody

Week of March 24th

What is 1st Grade Learning? 


Please Note...


  • Please note: students will have a social studies test on Thursday over Unit 5, Lessons 4-6 (pages 18-37).


  • Many students are running low on some  supplies: white board markers are drying out, several colors of colored pencils (used almost daily for math) and/or crayons are missing, glue sticks are out, etc. It would be so helpful if you could check in with your child about any  supplies they might need re-stocked for the remainder of the school year. Thank you!
  • Students will bring home two new books in their book bag each Monday. In addition, their book bag will contain their sight word booklets. Again, there is no official requirement for reading these book bag books or practicing the sight words, but I recommend that your child read and reread these books several times throughout the week as a way to achieve their 20 minutes. 
  • Please see the links at the right for the following updated schedules: Student of the Week, Reading Road Race Rally Souvenirs, and Reading Ladies Treats.
  • Your child will bring home a reading log every Friday so that they can logging their minutes read. The log should be kept in the 3rd clear sleeve of the D.O.T. folder. Reminder: students are expected to read 20 min, 4x each week in order to receive their Reading Road Race Rally souvenir.
  • Thank you to Nicole Goetter and Sam McCarthy for offering to help as room parents/ class liaison this year! 
  • Your child will be bringing home their assignment notebook and DOT folder each day. Please look over both when they get home, checking their assignment notebook for that day's assignments, and clearing out the "Left at Home" pocket. Thanks!
  • It is important that you designate a place for your child's completed school work that has been returned until the end of each trimester. This is an amazing help in cases where an assignment is completed but not handed in, or if I make a mistake in entering a grade. Thank you!
  • As convenient as it may be, please do not use the daycare doors for entering or leaving the school. 


  Mark Your Calendars!


  • Fri. 3/22 - Family Day - 11am Dismissal


  • Fri. 4/5  - FAMILY DAY - 11am Dismissal - No Bussing
  • Mon. 4/8  - PT Conferences (12:30-6:00pm) - Noon Dismissal - No Lunch
  • Mon. 4/15-Mon. 4/22  - EASTER VACATION
  • Tues. 4/23  - Classes Resume