From the Desk of Mrs. Schumann March 5-12

Dear Parents and 8th Graders,

On Monday, the third trimester will start.  It's the last trimester your 8th grader will experience at St. Paul.  Now is not the time to just let them coast through until the end of the year.  They will most likely need even more guidance as they get excited for finishing up at St. Paul, graduation, and the start of high school.  You will need to keep them grounded and focused on the everyday tasks they need to accomplish.   We are in this together!  We will see them through until June.  We got this! Right??   Keep your chin up and keep lifting up your child in prayer.  Pray for their success, for them to make wise decisions, and for them to stay close to their Lord through all circumstances. 

Homework envelopes might be coming home on Monday.  Please sign and return. 

As we made the Washington DC decision, the hardest thing I had to do was let you all know about it.  After I sent off the email, and headed home so many thoughts were going through my mind. I was relieved to have had finally made a decision, but at the same time I know how awesome this trip is and so do those of you who have attended the trip.  I feel so bad for both of my classes that were unable to go on this trip.  I realize the kids maybe don't understand what they are really missing, but honestly, it is a lot to be missing out on.  Please know, we truly did try to make this happen.  Thank you for the kind words, emails, and prayers throughout all of this.  Your support is appreciated and means so much to me. 

Social Studies



Ms. Amling will begin teaching 8th grade for our new unit.  This week, she will be teaching about the United States during the Great Depression.


  8th Science

This week in 8th grade, we are focusing on Electricity.   We will be having a quiz on Lessons 1-3 Wednesday, March 10th!

  • Literature: 

We've begun our next novel, Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool.     

  • English/Writing:  

We'll begin our writing project, a Problem and Solution essay, focusing on an issue facing our environment, society, or personal health.  Research will be required.   Assignments will be on Google Classroom.

  • Vocabulary:

Unit 10 building understanding activities this week; definition test on Thursday, March 11th; spelling test on Friday, March 12th

 PE/ Music

5-8 P.E.   HIIT workouts 

Fischer Music researching composers from the Fantasia movie



Pre-Algebra: This week we will cover these topics: Percent of change with dimensions, multiple unit multiples, formulas for sequences, and simplifying square roots.   

Algebra: This week we will cover these topics: Solving absolute-value equations, Multiplying radical expressions, and solving two-step inequalities.  Math test March 9


Both math classes-

Pi Day Celebration-Friday, March 12!  We will do special Pi Day activities in class on this day.  Students are allowed to bring a drink from home.  Acceptable drinks besides water are: sports drinks, lemonade, fruit juice, and soda.  Please no high energy drinks and limit the drinks to 16 oz.

Crossing Guard Schedule

  • Mar. 8     Hunter / Andrew
  • Mar. 15    Livia / Matthew

Right Around the Corner

  • March 26: 11:00 Dismissal
  • March 29 - April 5:  Spring Break No School

In His Service,

Mrs. Schumann