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Computer Science

March 22 2019

Microsoft Publisher Assignment - Washington DC

Students will complete their Washington DC Trifold Brochures on this week.  They will  investigate different places that we are going to visit and create an informational brochure to share with all parents that are attending the trip.  

MUST HAVE INCLUDED INFORMATION:  Location, purpose, in honor of  and why, when created, cost to create (if available), history, interesting facts

SOURCE:  Create a Google Doc with all sources

Flight 93 Memorial - Gracie

US Capitol/Ford's Theater/Peterson House - Lauren

White House/Pentagon - Trevor

National Cathedral/Embassy Row - Mya

Lincoln Memorial/Jefferson Memorial/Einstein Statue - Max

Vietnam Memorial/WWII Memorial/Korean Memorial - Tanner

Arlington National Cemetery/Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - Jacob

Airforce Memorial/Washington Monument/Iwo Jima - Nadia

Newseum - Grace

Holocaust Museum - Aidan & Dain

FDR Memorial/MLK Memorial - Ella

Mount Vernon - Elisabeth

Smithsonians - American Art/Zoo/American History/Castle/Gardens - Lainey

Smithsonians - Air & Space/African American/Natural History/American Indian - Joe

All middle school students have received an email account.  Their account can only receive and send emails from/to another account.  Some assignments will be emailed to me and some will be printed out.

Please follow your child's progress on  I will update grades periodically throughout the week.


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