Age 3 Pre-K — Mrs. Werner

Weekly Note jan. 21-25, 2019 Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears

It's time for some teddy bear fun.  We will count and sort teddy bears, make patterns with teddy bears, and even learn how teddy bears are made.  We will practice the letter "T" for teddy bear in our letter journals.  The children are encouraged to bring their teddy bears to school on Thursday and Friday this week.  We will compare them, have a teddy bear parade in the school, and even take them to see the movie "Corduroy".  It will be another fun-filled learning experience for the children.  Our Bible lesson will be about Jesus Grows as a Child from Luke 2.

Open House is on Monday, January 21 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. Please pass the word on to your neighbors and friends that this is a great opportunity to see St. Paul in action. I would encourage all of you to come and see how great our kindergarten through eighth grade classrooms are! St. Paul has so many great opportunities for you and your child to learn and grow. Please feel free to ask is you have any questions! Registration for next year has begun through Tads on our website. /school/enrollment-information

I look forward to meeting with you for Parent-Teacher Conferences January 28 - February 1. Your conference times were sent home with your child. Times are also posted next to the classroom door for your convenience.

Yay! It's book fair time again! We have a dino-mite book fair planned for January 17-27! It will be held in the Library this year. If you are not sure where the Library is.just follow the dinosaur prints to the 1st level of our school. The Book Fair will be open before and after Church Services on the 20th & 27th. It will be open after school during the duration of the fair. Please come to the Library during the St. Paul Open House on Monday, January 21st.there will be dinosaur and gem digs, dinosaur photo op, puzzles and treats for the kids! Children love to own their own books! Please also consider donating books to your child's classroom. I look forward to seeing you during the book fair! If you have any questions, please contact me at or at (262) 377-4659.

We will be having our classroom Valentine's Day parties on Wednesday, February 13th and Thursday, February 14th.  A Room parent may be contacting you to donate an item for our party. A note will be coming home with some "labels" that the children should use for their valentines. They can cut them apart and glue or tape them to the front of their valentines. I would like them to try to write their name on the back of their cards to sign them. This may take some kids awhile, so try to do a couple at a time. The kids will be delivering their valentines to their friends by using the numbers on the labels. They will be matching the numbers and letter in their name to the correct Valentine Mailbox. We will be making their Valentine Mailbox at school, so no need to work on that at home.

As you have heard in the local news, flu season is upon us. Please make sure that you keep your child home if he or she isn't feeling well. This may mean that you notice that they are not acting like they normally would, show signs of a headache, fever, vomiting or diarrhea. Your child needs to be symptom free for 24 hours without any medication before they can return to school. We have been doing all that we can at school to keep our toys, tables and room clean. We are also washing our hands and practicing sneezing/coughing into our sleeves. Please reinforce these important things at home.

Save the Date!!  The 9th Annual St. Paul Trivia Night is Saturday, February 16. Start gathering your teams of up to (8) people. Registration forms will be available in January. See the ECHO for more details!

Please note the important upcoming dates:

Jan 18: Panther Parent PJ Party

Jan. 21: Open House (Invite Friends & Neighbors to see all of the GREAT Opportunities at St. Paul)

Jan. 23 & 24: Bring your Teddy Bear to school

Jan. 28-Feb 1: PreK Parent Teacher Conferences

Jan 30 & 31: Bring an item for Shadow Show

Feb. 1: NO AM Class - PM Class ATTENDS 8:15-10:45 am

Feb. 11 & 12: Bring Stamped Envelope Addressed to your Family

Feb. 13 & 14: Valentine's Day Party

Feb. 15: Early Dismissal - No PM Class

Feb. 16:  Trivia Night.  6 p.m. Taco bar dinner -- 7 p.m. Trivia Night

Feb. 18: No School

Feb. 22: PreK Day with Dad

Star of the Week: Please remember to bring your banner, snack and show & tell!

MWF AM:  River

MWF PM: Annabel

TTH:  Ty