Age 3 Pre-K — Mrs. Werner

Weekly Note May 20-24, 2019 "I Can do It!

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We will begin our final week of preschool by going on a fieldtrip on Monday and Tuesday to explore nature with a naturalist, David Stokes.  We will learn some fun and fantastic things about God's wonderful creation.  I encourage parents to attend this fieldtrip, as David has a way of making this learning enjoyable and fun for won't be disappointed!  If you haven't signed up to chaperone and are available to come along, you can still sign up! The cost of the fieldtrip $7.00 for adults.  The tour will last the entire class time.  Please dress to be, long pants and a warm coat! (We will be near Lake Michigan, so it will be chilly!)

We will have normal classes on Wednesday and Thursday to complete projects and wrap up our classroom activities. We will also be having our Summer Birthday Ice Cream Celebration. Please make sure to bring the item that you signed up for. You may bring it in advance if you would like.

We will end the year with closing services in the church on Friday, May 26th.  The service for the AM Classes will begin at 8:30am and last approximately 45 minutes. The Service for the PM class will begin at 10:00am. Children should meet in our classroom no more than 15 minutes before the service to line up and process in.  Adults should go into church and sit down. Children will be singing various songs, celebrating their accomplishments and having pictures taken with their friends and classmates. I encourage family and friends to come to this special day for your child.  After the service, we will take a class picture and then be free to play outside or go home.

Again, thank you for sharing your children with me this past school year.  Your support and prayers have been greatly appreciated.  Please continue to pray for your child in his/her academic and faith development.  You are God's instrument in the development of your children.

Stars of the Week: *Please bring a trail mix snack for our fieldtrip.

MWF AM:  Reese

MWF PM: Aubrey

TTH : Joshua