Children's Ministry


JAM ColorWe are so excited for your child to join us this year for JAM!

JAM is a mini VBS style program with songs, games, crafts, and LOTS of learning about what it means to grow in our relationship with one another and with Jesus. We meet downstairs in the Youth Room every Sunday morning from 8:15am to 9:15am. We are looking forward to another year of planting seeds of faith into the hearts and minds of children, as we live in God's grace and bear fruit in His love. We can't wait for you to join us!

JAM is open to children 3PK through 8th Grade. Please fill out a separate form for each child who will be attending by going HERE.


Introducing Summer Family Time To-Go                                            
OT Heroes

Summer Family Time To-Go is a way for you an your family to connect with each other around God's Word over the Summer break. Each week your family will be  introduced to TWO Old Testament Heroes through brief videos you'll watch online. As you gather together for your Family Together Time we encourage you to do FIVE things:

     SHARE with one another the good and bad things that have happened so far in your week
Watch the video and READ the Bible verse shared in the video
     TALK about the Bible verse - what does it mean, what is God saying through this verse
     PRAY for each other and the world
     BLESS one another by marking each other with the signs of your love and God's love

 We hope you and your family will join us as we discover these Old Testament Heroes this Summer! To watch each Old Testament Hero's video click on the hero's name.

June 2nd - Adam
 June 5th - Noah
June 9th  - Abraham & Isaac
June 12th - Joseph
June 16th - Moses
June 19th - Joshua
June 23rd - The Judges
June 26th - Naomi & Ruth
June 30th - Samuel
July 3rd - Saul
July 7th - David
July 10th - Solomon
July 14th -
July 17th - Isaiah
  July 21st - Ezra
July 24th - Nehemiah
July 28th - Esther
July 31st - Job

August 4th - Ezekiel
Ezekiel 39:28
     Talk: What did God tell Ezekiel to do to warn the people that Jerusalem would be destroyed? Why don't you think the people believed him?
     Pray: Thank God for the faithfulness of the prophets! Ask Him to help us be aware of how He is speaking to us today.

August 7th - Jeremiah
Jeremiah 31:33
     Talk: Why do you think the people didn't listen to Jeremiah? What was the new covenant that God told Jeremiah about?
     Pray: Thank God that His Word is alive in our hearts, just like He promised with the new covenant.

August 11th - Jonah
Jonah 3:2
     Talk: What did Jonah do instead of going to Nineveh? What does it mean to repent?
     Pray: Ask God to help us follow Him always.

August 14th - Daniel
Daniel 6:23
     Talk: What did Daniel do for King Belshazzar? How do you think Daniel felt when he was spending the night in the lion's den? 
     Pray: Ask God to help us always trust Him the way that Daniel trusted Him.