Children's Ministry

Thank you for a great season of JAM!                          JAM Logo 1

We hope your kids had a great time this year growing in their realationship with Jesus and one another this year at JAM. Thank  you to our amazing JAM Team who serves faithfullly each week throughout the school year. This year's team members were: Kathy Bert, Matt Hopf, KC Butz, Ellie Kegley, Emily Lamendola, Steve Eckert, Lauren Shaefer, Taylor Zentner, Dana Lemke, Amanda Bramstedt, Erin Greve, Matt Menzl, Kristin Holz, Carl Butz, Christine Fujinaka, Julie King, and David Butz.

During the Summer JAM is on break, BUT . . . we have a great way for you and your family to continue to dig into the Bible this Summer and continue to grow in your relationship with Jesus.


Introducing Summer Family Time To-Go                                            
OT Heroes

Summer Family Time To-Go is a way for you an your family to connect with each other around God's Word over the Summer break. Each week your family will be  introduced to TWO Old Testament Heroes through brief videos you'll watch online. As you gather together for your Family Together Time we encourage you to do FIVE things:

     SHARE with one another the good and bad things that have happened so far in your week
Watch the video and READ the Bible verse shared in the video
     TALK about the Bible verse - what does it mean, what is God saying through this verse
     PRAY for each other and the world
     BLESS one another by marking each other with the signs of your love and God's love

 We hope you and your family will join us as we discover these Old Testament Heroes this Summer! To watch each Old Testament Hero's video click on the hero's name.

June 2nd - Adam
     Genesis 1:26
Talk: If all of us are made in God's image how should we treat others?
Pray: Thank God that He created all of us. Ask Him to help us remember to treat everyone like
                   they were created in the image of God.

June 5th - Noah
     Genesis 8:1
Talk: Why did God choose Noah to save? How does this story remind us of God's bigger plan to
                  save us all from sin?
Pray: Thank God that He remembers us like He remembered Noah.