St. Paul Lutheran Mission

St. Paul Lutheran Church is a congregation of more than 2500 members located 20 miles north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are a member of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

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As We Gather...I believe in the Holy Spirit, . . . who with the Father and the Son together is worshiped and glorified." The Holy Spirit is worshiped because He is God, the Third Person of the Holy Trinity. Today, Jesus continues to prepare His disciples for His departure. He will leave them by way of the cross and tomb of death. Even though He rises from the dead, He will leave them again at His ascension. Yet He wants us  to know and believe that He never really leaves us. He tells us that He will be with us always. He calls the Holy Spirit "another Helper." Though the Spirit is a person distinct from the Father and the Son, yet He is also the Spirit of Christ in the mystery of the Trinity in Unity. The Holy Spirit works through the Word of God  delivering His gifts to bring us to daily contrition and repentance and faith in our Savior. The Holy Spirit is  our eternal Helper.

Sunday Morning Religious Education 
Sunday, May 21 @ 9:30am in  Undercroft
"Vocation & Reproductive Tech: What about the 3-Parent Embryo?" 
In September 2016, an announcement was made that the first baby was born in Mexico using a technique called "spindle nuclear transfer."  This procedure allows couples who carry a rare genetic mutation to have children free of mitochondrial diseases that can include diabetes, deafness, heart disease, and liver conditions. This process uses genetics from both parents, plus an egg from a normal female donor. The child resulting from this therapy would therefore carry DNA from three parents  In this Bible Study, Rev. Dr. Kevin Voss, Director of the Concordia Center for Bioethics, will discuss the science and ethics pertaining to the "Three-Parent Baby."


Join us this Sunday for our Last Family Devotional Night of the School Year! 
Topic: "Prayer in Your Home"

Sunday, May 21 @ 6:30pm in ther Family Life Center

This session will talk briefly about theimportance of prayer in your home and how to deepen your family's prayer life beyond just meal and bedtime prayers. We will discuss teaching your children to pray and then spend a few minutes sharing ideas for adding prayer to your family life. Family Devo Night will close with a family  activity to support prayer time at home. (We offerchildcare during the discussion time, then bring families  together for an activity).


Celebrate our Graduates! 

Each year, we like to honor our members graduating from High School or College. This year, names will be listed in the bulletin the weekend of June 11, 2017. If you or a member of your family is graduating this year, please fill out our 2017 Graduation Recognition Form (church members only), available in the Welcome Center and HERE. Please submit to the reception/school office or e-mail completed forms to by Monday, May 29, 2017.


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