St. Paul Lutheran Mission

St. Paul Lutheran Church is a congregation of more than 2500 members located 20 miles north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are a member of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

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As We Gather:   When Amos speaks God's Word to Israel, they do not want to hear it. Amos is told to  prophesy elsewhere. John the Baptist's message of repentance landed him in Herod's prison and, eventually, in the grave. Speaking God's Word is not always easy. It often meets resistance and sometimes even violence. As you gather with fellow hearers of God's Word, consider how you have been resistant to God's Word. Which portions have you chosen to skip over? Consider how you might better hear and speak God's Word this week.


Night of PRAISE 4 @ St. Paul  (Sanctuary)  Thursday, July 19, 7pm
St. Paul Praise Team / Special guests Elise Batiansila & Lauren Kruse
Check out the playlist here: Night of Praise Playlist


Six members of our congregation will travel to Cambodia in August to work with an organization called Crossing Cambodia, founded by Gregory Holz.
Godspeed Blessing for Mission Team: Sunday, July 22 @ 9:30am
Greg Holz visit to St. Paul: Sunday, July 22 9am-1pm (Gathering Hall)
Click  here to learn more about our trip and our Prayer Requests.


 It's time to sign up to represent St. Paul at the Ozaukee County Fair LCMS Church Booth. Greet people who walk by, hand out information, and have fun at the fair! Sign up for a 2-hour time slot here:

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